What is Bike Rental Manager?
BRM bike rental management software system
Rent More. Work Less.

Point of sale

Improve your efficiency with powerful BRM POS. Make bookings against your live inventory, print invoices, process payments, customise. Rent to walk-in customers, over the phone, email or accept online bookings, all at the click of a button.

Payments and discounts

Choose how to accept payments. Take instant payment or deposit at the time of booking or at any later stage. Take them within BRM, use external POS or integrate with other platform like Lightspeed. You can even use discount codes.

Allocation of bikes

Flexible fleet management. Choose to automate your allocation and allocate at any rental stage by model, type, individual bike etc. Choice is yours! You can even let online customers to book individual bikes.



Automate your rental tasks so you can spend more time where it matters most. BRM generates rental contracts, including waiver / disclaimer documents automatically. Go paperless with digital signatures and have all details in their rental ticket. No more lost paperwork.


Speed up your rentals with barcoding of your bikes and self registration while your customers wait. You can even get the barcodes from us.

Control your rental lifecycle

Gain more control over every transaction. We have got everything covered for your rental tickets, all in one place with a visual overview of the stages: from provisional booking to bikes checked in. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and pieces of paper.

Inventory Availability

Make most of your fleet and rent your bikes at full capacity.  Instantly see your available bikes with a visual overview of your inventory that will show you any rental gaps to be filled. You or your online customers will only be able to book bikes that are available – no more double bookings.

Products and Inventory

Powerful inventory management to maximise your profits. Manage your whole inventory, bikes and extras, in BRM. Benefit from easy adding, editing and removing bikes, accessories and images. Fast upload of even large fleet.


Power of pricing in your hands. Choose to rent by minute, hour, day, week or month. Automatically calculates price for your reservations. Superfast price management and use price groups to cut down even more admin.


Record delivery information against each reservation and use delivery scheduling to manage your deliveries effortlessly.

Rental tickets

Take control of each stage of your rentals with a click of a button and have a clear real-time view on your dashboard of all your rentals. Deal with change effortlessly and swiftly.


With BRM integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) you can easily find customer details for reservations and marketing. Communication made easy for you.



Manage your shop opening hours, tax rates, currency, language and more with a breeze. Make your virtual shop your own with your colours, images and your style. Your online booking engine is fully customisable and available in multiple languages.

On the go

Flexible way to work. Accessible anywhere and anytime. Make reservations, contact customers or check how your rentals are doing.

Scheduling and tracking

Know instantly what is available. Clear overview with calendar based management to schedule your bikes with a click of a button. Fast tracking of your bikes, who has got what and when is it coming back.

Integrated Maintenance

Integrated bike maintenance in BRM. Control your maintenance schedule efficiently according to actual bike usage to make sure they are safe and maximise your rentals.

Key workflows

We get it.  You have worked out how to rent bikes in a way that suits your unique situation and your customers.  BRM is built around workflows – its the little details that matter.  Speed and efficiency, and supporting your processes. BRM is customisable to your needs.

End of day reconciliations

Make time consuming end of day reconciliations a breeze with a click of the button. No need having to re-enter manually written ‘rental tickets’ into your accounting system to work out your takings for the day.

Build your own reports

Customise your own reports easily. They can be exported for further analysis and sent to your accountant.

Tax reports

Confidently tackle your tax time. In BRM all your numbers are in one place. From money you have already collected to taxes already paid. It will be a breeze.

Inventory reports

Make your inventory management more efficient and maximise your profit from each bike. Use bar code scanner and get a report in seconds.


BRM works with other programs like Lightspeed.   This gives you access via these programs to very rich reporting and analysis tools.


Real-time dashboard will show you instantly where your rentals are and where you need to focus to make most out of your rentals. Access your key information from anywhere at anytime.

Monthly Graphs

Have your monthly financial report automatically crunched for you by BRM. Save valuable management time with the right data to make good business decisions.
You are in safe hands. We are in over 20 countries and process over $15 million in rental transactions.
Type of Bike Rental

We help all types of bike rentals, just like yours.

Choose a business type to find out more how BRM can help to transform your business.

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You are in safe hands. We are in 15 countries and process over $10 million in rental transactions.