Bassano Club House Manager discusses The importance of diversifying revenue streams in the cycling industry

A ‘beacon of light’ in the cycling industry

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Bassano Club House Manager discusses the importance of diversifying revenue streams in the cycling industry

In the historic town of Bassano del Grappa, Italy, a new beacon for cyclists has emerged. Bassano Club House (BCH), spearheaded by Andrew Montgomery and affectionately known as Monty, created a new hub for cyclists with its unique blend of retail, rental, hospitality, workshop, and community engagement.

Pedro from Manager sat down with Monty to chat about the vision behind BCH, the importance of diversifying revenue streams in the cycling industry, and the sustainable practices that set BCH apart.

Bassano Club House Manager discusses The importance of diversifying revenue streams in the cycling industry
courtesy of BCH

The vision behind Bassano Club House

Monty’s journey to establishing BCH is as inspiring as the concept itself. After moving from the bustling city of Dubai to Bassano del Grappa, Monty* found a deep sense of belonging and a desire to give back to the community that embraced him. “I arrived on Valentine’s Day, seven years ago and immediately felt that this place had the potential to be a global cycling destination,” Monty recalls. His vision was to create a space where cyclists from all over the world could come together, share their passion, and enjoy a high-quality, comprehensive cycling experience.

BCH is a multi-faceted hub that includes a retail store, café, workshop, events, hotel, and bike rental services. This holistic approach allows BCH to cater to various needs, making it more than just a place to buy a bike.

*Read more about Monty’s Life – From Fashion to Cycling at the bottom of the article + Image gallery

“We wanted to create a destination where cyclists can immerse themselves in the sport they love, connect with like-minded individuals, and experience the finest that cycling has to offer

The establishment of Bassano Club House is the culmination of Monty’s diverse experiences and passions. It reflects his commitment to creating a space that not only offers high-quality cycling products and services but also fosters a vibrant community. Monty’s journey from fashion to cycling, influenced by icons like Sir Bradley Wiggins, a former British professional road and track racing cyclist and enriched by global experiences, has culminated in a project that aims to set new standards in the industry.

Bassano Club House Manager discusses The importance of diversifying revenue streams in the cycling industry
courtesy of BCH

The importance of diversifying revenue streams

In the ever-evolving cycling industry, diversifying revenue streams is crucial for sustainability and growth. Monty emphasizes that relying on a single revenue source is no longer viable. “It’s extremely hard just to have a standalone bike store. The market has changed, and we knew we needed different revenue streams,” he explains. BCH’s structure is a testament to this strategy, with each of its six pillars representing a different revenue stream, from retail sales to hospitality services.

The benefits of this diversification are manifold. It not only stabilizes the business by spreading financial risk but also enhances the customer experience by offering a comprehensive range of services under one roof.

Customers can buy top-tier cycling products, enjoy a cup of coffee, rent high-quality bikes, take part in community rides, fix their bikes and even stay at the on-site B&B. This all-encompassing approach ensures that BCH meets the varied needs of its clientele, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

Community and industry impact

BCH is designed to be a community hub, fostering a sense of belonging among cyclists and enthusiasts. Regular social rides, events, and partnerships with local businesses, cycling brands and the local government aim to create a supportive and engaging environment. Monty’s commitment to community is evident in his efforts to involve local residents in BCH’s activities and promote a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Looking ahead, Monty’s ambitions for BCH are expansive. He envisions BCH becoming a global cycling destination, a place where enthusiasts from around the world can converge. “The goal is for this place to become one of the biggest cycling destinations in the world,” he asserts. Over the next five to ten years, BCH aims to elevate its service offerings, enhance community impact, and set new standards in the cycling industry.

Bassano Club House Manager discusses The importance of diversifying revenue streams in the cycling industry
courtesy of BCH

Future opportunities and challenges

Monty sees vast opportunities for businesses in the cycling industry to diversify their revenue streams further. He advises leveraging the unique aspects of each business to create a comprehensive customer experience. However, he also acknowledges the challenges, particularly the competition from large online retailers and the need to adapt to changing market dynamics.

Monty believes in the importance of innovation and quality service to stay ahead of industry trends. “We need to constantly evolve and ensure that we meet the changing needs of cyclists,” he says. His advice to bike rental businesses and others in the industry is clear: focus on providing an exceptional customer experience and diversify your offerings to stay resilient in a competitive market.

As the cycling industry continues to grow and evolve, Bassano Club House‘s model of diversified revenue streams and community engagement offers a blueprint for success.

*Monty’s Life – From Fashion to Cycling at the bottom of the article

Bassano Club House Gallery

Monty's Life - From Fashion to Cycling

Andrew Montgomery, affectionately known as Monty, has had an eclectic career that spans from the high-paced world of fashion to becoming a pivotal figure in the cycling industry. His journey is a testament to his versatility and passion for both industries, ultimately leading to the creation of Bassano Club House (BCH).

Monty’s career began in the fashion industry, where he worked with notable figures like Liam Gallagher from Oasis. His flair for style and keen eye for detail were evident as he immersed himself in the dynamic environment of fashion and rock and roll. However, his path took a significant turn when cycling legend Sir Bradley Wiggins encouraged him to transition into the cycling industry. “Bradley told me, ‘The cycling industry needs people like you, proper rock stars who can shake things up,'” Monty recalls. This advice led him to join Rapha, a prestigious cycling apparel brand.

At Rapha, Monty managed the Soho store in London, a role that introduced him to the intricacies of the cycling world. Despite his initial reservations—coming from a background in fashion and finding the cycling community somewhat insular—he quickly adapted and thrived. This experience laid the foundation for his future endeavours in the cycling industry.

Monty’s journey continued as he worked with Paul Smith, another iconic brand with deep connections to cycling. This role further solidified his passion for the sport and his understanding of the industry. It was during this period that Monty’s vision for a comprehensive cycling hub began to take shape.

His move to Dubai marked another chapter in his career. Here, he worked at Wolfi’s Bike Shop, one of the most renowned bike stores globally. This experience was invaluable, allowing him to learn from industry leaders and refine his vision for what a premier cycling destination could be. “Working at Wolfi’s was like being in a candy store for bike enthusiasts. It was an incredible learning experience,” Monty notes.

Monty’s transition from Dubai to Bassano del Grappa was driven by a desire for a place that felt like home. He found that in Bassano, a town that embraced him and sparked his ambition to create a global cycling destination. “Coming to Bassano was like finding a place where I truly belonged,” he says. The supportive community and the town’s potential as a cycling haven inspired him to bring his vision to life.

BCH is a testament to Monty’s vision, dedication, and the unique blend of his career influences.

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