Our mission is to help bike rentals become more successful.

BRM will do the admin, so that you can focus on what you do best: making the customer experience as smooth as possible and making sure your customers will get most out of their rental bike.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer support.


The first Bike Rental Manager  shop was our own bike shop.

Being a client and a developer at the same time offers a unique perspective.

“Ever since, it has been our aim

to make bike rental easier

for everyone, anywhere”

Where have we come from?

In 2004, in search of a more active lifestyle, Doug decided to leave his corporate IT career in London and moved to South of France.  He starting running biking holidays and opened a bike rental shop.

Bike Rental Manager was born in 2010. “I had my first client within four months of writing the first line of code. (He is still with us). Since that day the clients have helped to shape the software. It has been a long journey ever since but with the help of BRM I managed to grow the rental business to 55 bikes. In 2015 I sold the bike hire shop to concentrate on making BRM the best bike rental platform in the world, and to help all other bike rentals to make their business more profitable and hassle free.”

Where are we going?

As a company we have grown from Doug being a one man band to six staff and together with our re-sellers, we cover three continents. We have customers in over 20 countries, over $20 million in rental transactions and growing.

We are constantly improving BRM and in 2017 alone we made over 90 software releases and introduced countless new features. In 2020 we released the super fast BRM2.0 with single planner view. We believe in finding the best new technical solution to make your rentals easier every day and look forward to introducing some cool new technology in the near future.

Who are we?

Doug Stoddart BRM CEO

Doug Stoddart

Founder & CEO

Mark Negus BRM CTO

Mark Negus


Doug started his career with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in the early nineties, where he learnt system building fundamentals. He went on to work in the highly demanding Investment Banking sector for a major US bank building pioneering electronic trading systems.
In 2006 he followed his dream to open a bike shop, and it was during that time that he discovered a total absence of dedicated bike rental software.
Bike Rental Manager is the result of his passion to provide a world-class solution to this problem. He’s a very keen cyclist, or at least when he can find the time!

Mark is a seasoned and talented IT professional. He has over 20 years experience of delivering large and complex systems, spending 10 of those with Accenture within their technology practice. In that time he’s worked on projects varying from banking systems and government projects to the Big Brother voting engine. He is always thinking how to make BRM work better for our customers.

Bike Rental Manager - Account Manager


Account Manager



Account Manager

Jeremy was so impressed with BRM when he implemented software at his previous job that he wanted to come and work for us! He loves a challenge and is known for his excellent support to our customers. He has been in the outdoor sports retail world for over 20 years. He started working in his local ski and snowboard shop right after high school and entered the cycling retail world in 2006. He was pivotal in opening the 1st Trek concept store in Southwest Florida before moving on to Naples Cyclery as Operations Manager. When he is not cruising around town exploring the local South Florida Preserves and mountain bike parks, he can be found camping or kayaking the local waterways.

Adam is a lifetime BMXer and trail rider who probably enjoys disassembling bikes and tinkering more than actually riding them. After completing a PhD in computational fluid dynamics in 2018, he came to BRM where he could combine his passions for bikes, software and solving problems. When not sitting down typing or pedalling, you’ll find him rock climbing or restoring antique furniture.

Lynn BRM Finance



Sari BRM-Marketing



Lynn started training as a Chartered Accountant with BDO Stoy Hayward, but before qualifying made a move into the City of London and worked for 10 years in Operations for a brokerage company. Whilst working in the City, she picked up her accountancy studies again and qualified as a certified accountant.  Now she keeps the wheels turning in BRM-land! In 2015 she completed her first olympic triathlon in Marseille.

Sari likes to put the customer first and finding solutions to the challenges they are facing. She has a long corporate career behind her, mainly in Sales and Marketing. She loves to learn about different cultures and is excited to be closer to the multicultural customers at BRM. She enjoys exploring the world on a bike and is a regular bike rental customer.


Bike Rental Manager Chairman - James Appleby

James Appleby


Bike Rental Manager Investor - Duncan Grierson

Duncan Grierson

Entrepreneur & VC

Plural technology leader with a series of chair, non-exec and advisory roles in technology businesses that are scaling up.

Previously spent fourteen wonderful years as CEO of Bluefin, founding and growing the business to 250 people across 3 continents and picking up many awards on the way – a number for growth but most importantly to me, many years as a Top 100 company to work for. Post-sale to Mindtree I took on a larger role with over 1000 people reporting to me.

Entrepreneur with VC experience in Paris, London, Silicon Valley & Chicago. Funded by $75m fromGoldman Sachs, Fidelity et al. EY Entrepreneur of Year award winner.

Advisory Board

BRM Gary Atkin Senior Manager – McAfee

Gary Atkin

Private Investor

BRM Chris Walters Capability Manager – Vodafone

Chris Walters

Management Consultant

Many years experience in leading Technical Customer Support/Service Operations teams. Experience includes operational & people management, outsourcing implementation & delivery, business partner management, budget responsibility, leadership, international and remote team management. A keen cyclist ever since the RoSPA awarded him a Cycling Proficiency certificate!

Chris has spent his professional career managing technology projects and latterly creating environments in which projects stand the best chance of succeeding. His passion for “just enough management” and 20+ years of experience are available for Bike Rental Manager to draw on to ensure that BRM do the right projects and do the projects right.  Outside of work Chris is a very keen bike rider, both in the UK and on numerous foreign adventures including his favourite cycling location, Languedoc.

BRM Jean-Michel Hurter Co-Owner / Director – France Bike Rentals

Jean-Michel Hurter

Co-Owner / Director – France Bike Rentals

BRM Will Platt-Higgins Director of Global Accounts - Facebook

Will Platt-Higgins

Director of Global Accounts – Facebook

Jean-Michel has helped create and grow one of France’s most successful top-end bike rental businesses. He brings a wealth of knowledge in not only Bike Rental but business in general.

As the Director of Global Account Partnerships for Facebook, Will leads a team of people across the world to partner with brand marketers and their agencies, enabling them to maximize the business and brand-building potential of the Facebook platform in harness with other channels and help them scale and reapply success.

Some of our customers using Bike Rental Manager

Club La Santa uses Bike Rental Manager
France Bike Rentals - Using BRM bike rental software
Sardinia Cycling - Bike Rental Manager customer
Rutland Cycling - using BRM bike rental software
EVO - using BRM bike rental software
Holland Bikes - Bike Rental Manager customer
“We’re a small shop but do a big rental business. We really needed a comprehensive system that was within our price range, and BRM was the answer. We’ve been using it for a year now and it has improved our efficiency greatly, plus the Online Booking Wizard has reduced our workload tremendously. I was going to give only 4 stars for ease of use, but I have to say that simplicity hinders flexibility; something this powerful will take a bit of time to master, yet my staff was using the system successfully within 1-2 days. And the customer support deserves 6 stars, so my review would average out to 5 stars anyway. Make that 6-1/2 because value deserves 6 stars as well. My compliments to Doug and his team, we always get quick answers to our questions, and their on-line Knowledge Base is very comprehensive as well.”