An Adventure with Manager

Exploring Tuscany on Two Wheels: An Adventure with bike. rent Manager

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Guest Feature by Jordan, who manages sales across the Rest of the World.



Unveiling the wonders of Tuscany through cycling and efficient bike rental management

I recently had the opportunity to get out from behind my desk, rent some bikes and explore the stunning region of Tuscany on two wheels. Read on to see how using Manager (BRM) made it even more memorable!

An Adventure with Manager

Where It All Started

My adventure began in Lucca, a beautiful and charming walled town about 30 minutes from Pisa. I rented bikes from Ciclismoplus, a local bike shop with a historic touch. They have a bike workshop with a wall that’s part of the ancient town wall.

An Adventure with Manager

Smooth Bike Rental Process

Using BRM, I easily booked top-notch bikes from Ciclismoplus. Max from their team was super helpful in getting our measurements and making sure we had the right pedals. He even offered for us to join a group ride.

Using BRM made renting bikes and planning rides so easy. Whether booking bikes, ensuring the right equipment, or managing the rental process, BRM helped the Ciclismoplus team deliver excellent service.

An Adventure with Manager

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The Bike, The Ultimate Experience

Whenever I go cycling on holiday, I try to rent and ride a different bike. Choosing from a wide selection of Canyon’s road bikes provided me the opportunity to test-ride something new. I have always owned bikes with analogue gears, so this was a great chance to feel what electronic shifting felt like. I went for a Canyon Ultimate with Ultegra Di2. The Ultimate was super responsive on the descents, and I could really lean into the bends. The handling, coupled with the wide tyers (needed on some of the rougher roads), made it really easy to trust the bike. Whilst on the climbs, the bike was light, responsive, and comfy, which was essential on the long climbs.

An Adventure with Manager

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Read on to see the rides I got up to…

An Adventure with Manager

Epic Rides for you to explore as well:

Over five days, I explored three different routes starting and ending in the hilltop town of Roggio. I faced challenging climbs, breathtaking descents, and picturesque landscapes. Each ride was a unique adventure.

An Adventure with Manager

Day 1: Ski Resort, 51km, 1,300m Elevation Gain

We headed down from the town, then immediately began an 11km climb, which ended at a stunning hilltop restaurant with a tiny ski slope operated by the neighbouring hotel. It opens on a few weekends yearly and is where many local children learn to ski. The climb is gradual and links a series of towns that would feel better placed in a German or Austrian ski resort. 

We then descend over 700m to the large provincial town of Castelnuovo, which has a charming central square ideal for grabbing a classic Italian espresso. The descent has a series of hairpins towards the bottom, which tighten on you considerably, so it is one to be careful about. 

Out of Castelnuovo, it gradually rises before rolling back along the valley floor to Poggio and up to Roggio. 

Day 2: The Three Lakes, 57km, 1,065m Elevation Gain

An Adventure with Manager

Once you descend from Roggio, you have a short flat section alongside the Lago di Vagli. Keep an eye out for the glass bridge and overhead Zipline. You soon reach the small village of Fontana delle Monache, which has a quaint communal swimming pool nestled amongst the green mountains and deep blue lake. A spot to return to post ride… 


Out of Fontana delle Monache, you start a brute of a climb – 3.5km at an average grade of 9.7%, meaning you gain 340 meters in no time. The climb begins with long straight roads out of town before entering a series of switchbacks near the summit, offering some relief from the oppressive gradient. 

Over the top is a sketchy descent that has been partially re-tarmacked, but there are still dangerous potholes, steep drops and oncoming quarry lorries to navigate around. Once down, you are on the valley road to one of the region’s hidden gems, Lago di Gramolazzo. We stopped in a lake-side cafe where the waitress spoke very little English but did shout Van Der Poel and Wout Van Aert at us, so we got the idea she was a cycling fan! 

The route then continues down the valley before turning back at Castelnuovo again and back up to Roggio.

Day 3: Corfino Loop, 61km, 1,560m Elevation Gain

An Adventure with Manager

Once more, from Roggio into the town of Camporgiano, it is all uphill for the foreseeable future as you will be steadily climbing at roughly 4% for the next 20km. The route heads off the main valley road and winds along the side of, through and over various mountains. There are a series of charming towns on the route with plenty of cafes to choose from.


The climb lulls you into a false sense of security with steady gradients for much of the first two-thirds. However, there is a sting in the tale. Once you hit the dam some 18km into the climb, the road severely kicks up, hitting you with 2.2km at 9.8% to really get your legs and lungs burning. Soon enough, you are immediately rewarded across the summit road with views back down the valley. 

The descent back down from Corfino is one of the most flowing in the region. With great tarmac and wide roads, you can lean the bike in and give it your best Tom Pidcock impression. 

The route finishes with the steep climb back into Roggio. But as with any good ride, a bar in the town serves cold beers waiting for your arrival.

Why bike rental management

If you want to facilitate rides like this then utilising a dedicated bike rental software can turn your customers’ dreams into reality. It’s not just about the destination; it’s about their experience.


Happy renting!

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An Adventure with Manager

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