Take control over your whole rental life cycle. Save valuable time for the tasks you enjoy!

Rent More. Work Less.

Super Fast

Only take seconds to create, find and manage your rentals with visual calendar view.

Super Easy To Use

All your staff will be able to manage rentals straight away.

Free Up Your Staff

Managing rentals and maintenance will take much less time.

Improve Customer Service

Cut the queues and admin down, more time to give excellent customer service.

Mobile Friendly

Manage your rentals from where your bikes are, with your mobile or tablet.
Bike Shop rental booking software Bike Rental Manager
Increase your rentals and profits

  • Attract more customers with online bookings. All reservations are checked against your live inventory, no more double bookings. Never lose a reservation and capture the online market.
  • Take online bookings from your Facebook page with “Book Now” button.
  • Integrate with your retail business with Lightspeed POS.
  • Add “Book Now” button to your partner’s website so customers can book directly.
  • Power of pricing in your hands. Price your assets to maximise your profits by minute, hour, day etc. automatically calculated for your reservations.
  • Get paid when booking is made.
  • Take a deposit, customers are more likely to turn up.
  • By tracking your individual bikes you can ensure they are all returned or charge the correct customer for any damage.

Make most of your assets, run your fleet at full capacity

  • Never under or over book your bikes with calendar based booking system.
  • Per minute scheduling of your bikes so you can book in and out easily during same day.
  • Choose how many bikes can be booked online and reserve the rest for your walk in customers.
  • Choose to automate your bike allocation and allocate at any rental stage by model, type, individual bike etc.
  • Track your bikes and know who has got what and when it is coming back.
  • Check how much profit each bike makes with a click of a button.

bike rental software
Bike Rental Manager High Volume Bicycle Rental System
Impress customers

  • Speed up customer service and let customers self-register on tablets while waiting.
  • Easily transform your own website into a 24/7 online booking engine customised with your logo, font, colours, text and great images of your assets.
  • Serve customers in their own language with BRM online bookings.
  • Clone orders for repeat customers.
  • Use discount codes.
  • Send (automated) post rental emails and ask for reviews.

Go paperless and get organised

  • A visual dashboard to see which stage your rentals are in with live calendar based bookings.
  • Let customers sign waivers digitally, automatically stored in their reservation.
  • Let BRM send automated confirmations, so you don’t have to.
  • All your data and tasks safely stored and backed up in Cloud.

Bike Rental Manager paperless rental software
Bike Rental Manager bike and ski rentasoftware
Integrated Maintenance ensuring your customers are safe

  • Control and track your maintenance schedule efficiently according to usage to maximise your rentals. You are able make sure the bikes are ready and safe to use for the next customer.
  • Critically, this audit trail can be used to demonstrate the equipment was regularly serviced if a customer has an accident. This data will be invaluable in any legal disputes.
  • Take online bookings for bike service and repairs.

Save time with all your rental tasks in one place

  • Inbuilt workflow to have all your tasks in one place. Tasks that normally take minutes will only take seconds.
  • Make changes and swap items with a click of a button.
  • Make the time consuming end of day reconciliations a breeze with a click of a button
  • Retrieve any reservation details in seconds. Information is accessible anywhere at any time from any device 24/7. Several people can look at same reservation or any data at same time in multiple locations. No need to spend your precious time looking for information.
  • Create great looking emails campaigns easily to send offers and discounts.
  • Use the Slack integration to get notified of new bookings etc.

Bike Rental Manager paperless rental software
Why our customers choose us

“I love BMR and it makes my job even more exciting!!”

Marco Messina


Rome, Italy