Barcode scanner rental
Use our barcode scanning software to make your rentals super speedy and error proof!

Setup or upgrade your very own barcode scanning software system with Bike Rentals Manager. It’s fast, super easy to use and helps to avoid mistakes in the bookings process. You can create reservations automatically user a scanner and instantly review the product location. For more information about these and other great features, refer to the information below or use our contact form.

  • Speedy reservations

    Cut the queue right down and make your bookings error proof.

    • Create reservations automatically by scanning the bike. No need to type it in manually.
    • Choose pre-booked reservations from your device, scan the bike and hand it over. Super easy!
    • Let customers register themselves while they wait and create reservation barcode to check their bikes out.
    • Always have the correct bike on the reservation. No more mistakes.
  • Inventory on the go

    Make your inventory taking a ride in the park.

    • Simply scan in all your bikes and you will get an inventory report in seconds.
    • Use a handheld device to get to the last corner of your store to scan the bikes in.
    • Reduce the number or errors. Take human error out of the equation.
  • Effortless bike deliveries

    Make your deliveries error free

    • Use barcodes for different phases of your process and scan them during deliveries. Like “Bike picked” or “Bike loaded” etc.
    • Instant overview of where your bikes are in the process.
    • Track your bikes and instantly know where they are and who has got them.
  • Stay on top of maintenance workload

    Reduce downtime and improve availability.

    • Makes it easy for your mechanic to enter service entries that are instantly updated in the system for everybody to see.
    • You can see the full service history and can book the bike as soon as mechanic has scanned it back.
  • Make your High Volume Rentals effortless

    Impress your customers with the help of Elevated Volume Operations (EVO). For shops that do loads or rentals each day.

    • Inbuilt workflow to remind you of all tasks. No more missing information.
    • Self registration on tablets to cut the queue down and get details for each in the group.
    • Express mode for creating the rental ticket and allocate bike when picked up.
    • Digital waivers so you have all details in the reservation.
    • Barcode scanning software to make your rentals super fast. Scan rental ticket, scan bike, hand bike out.
    • Tracking of bikes. Know who has got which bikes so you can charge correct customer if bike is damaged or stolen.
    • Read more in our Knowledge Base.

How do I get the barcodes?

You have a few options:

Recommended barcode printer

We recommend Brother PT-P700 Professional Office Label Printer

Can I use QR barcodes?

We do not recommend them as our extensive testing showed that its not suitable for the bike rental:

  • They do not work well on curved surfaces.
  • Lighting conditions for how some rental bikes are stored is not always optimal. As QR/2D codes work using optical recognition they don’t always work.
  • Too slow.  Over a second compared to a few milliseconds.  Its just not viable for bike rental.
  • There is much less margin for error with QR/2D codes.  And you need that margin with bikes, as they scratched, or partially obscured by mud/rain etc.