Effortless bike rentals with our barcode scanning software

Speed up your check-in with Bluetooth scanners linked directly to your bikes and reservations. Plus free up your workshop with handsfree service recording with bike.rent Manager

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Speedy reservations

Cut the queue right down and make your bookings error proof

Create reservations automatically by scanning the bike. No need to type it in manually

Choose pre-booked reservations from your device, scan the bike and hand it over. Super easy!

Clear overview with calendar based management to schedule your bikes

Let customers register themselves while they wait and create reservation barcode to check their bikes out

Always have the correct bike on the reservation. No more mistakes


Track inventory on the go

Use barcode scanning to simplify your delivery process. Track the different phases of your process. Like “Bike picked” or “Bike loaded” etc

Simply scan in all your bikes and you will get an inventory report in seconds

Use a handheld device to get to the last corner of your store to scan the bikes in


Stay on top of maintenance workload

Reduce downtime and improve availability, keeping your bikes in action so you can rent them more frequently

Having designated service tasks assigned to barcodes mean your mechanics can log service against bikes in seconds. Allowing you to track the time, cost and parts used on each bike.

See the full service history as soon as mechanic has scanned it back. Speeding up turnaround so your bikes can be out more.