Bike maintenance scheduler with BRM Integrated Maintenance
Make your bikes last longer and have the right bike ready at the right time.

“We saved a bunch of money having a standard procedure to maintain bikes.” 

Giovanni Lamieri, Sardinia Cycling, Italy

  • Reduce downtime and improve availability

    Let BRM show you when your bikes need maintenance, so you don’t need to keep track.

    • Real time usage tracking of your bikes.
    • Calculates automatically when next maintenance is due, you can control the settings.
    • A visual indicator to see when maintenance needed by asset.
    • Capture post-ride feedback per item.
  • Keep your bikes safe and in good working order.

    Make sure your customers are safe to ride your bikes and prevent expensive replacements and repairs.

    • Visual indicator to show you item has gone through pre-ride safety checks.
    • Indicator automatically removed when bike checked-out.
    • Good and timely maintenance will prevent breakdowns and lengthen the life of your assets – save money!
  • Stay on top of workload with inbuilt mechanics workflow

    BRM will prioritise the work according to your rental schedule and bike usage.

    • With a click of the button see which assets need most urgent attention.
    • Shows you what repairs need doing.
    • Shows for each asset when they are booked out next.
    • With another click of the button make them available for rentals when you are done.
    • Reserve bike into Maintenance when longer repairs needed so it won’t be booked out.
    • Use barcodes to make workflow admin super speedy.
    • Read more in our Knowledge Base.
  • Store maintenance data

    Keep your maintenance records centralised in BRM.

    • Record all service and repair history for each asset, either manually or automatically with barcodes.
    • Keeps a record for your liability insurance.
    • Easily available any time anywhere.