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Renting bicycles at tourist destinations and scenic spots can be lucrative for cycle retailers. This document will guide you in exploring this opportunity, highlighting potential challenges and best practices. Manager Rental Guidelines Manager customer – Wine Country Cyclery Manager’s 9 guidelines


Demand and Storage


Consider whether demand is seasonal or year-round. In tourist areas, summer usually sees higher demand, with a drop in winter. Retailers must plan for off-season storage. Utilising new bicycles and setting appropriate rental fees to cover costs allow for selling them second-hand at season’s end, ensuring a healthy inventory turnover and demand for the latest models. Manager Rental Guidelines Manager customer – Cardinal Bicycle Roanoke

Choosing Bicycles


While some retailers opt for high-quality, well-maintained second-hand bikes, these may not command premium rental fees or attract younger riders. Offering the newest models can justify higher fees and lead to sales, as customers enjoy the latest features. Introducing novices to cycling with a quality rental experience is crucial. Manager Rental Guidelines Manager customer – VIP Cycling Worldwide



Marking bicycles aids in their recovery if lost or stolen and serves as effective advertising. Use distinctive, difficult-to-remove identifiers, such as coloured decals or tape. Before resale, remove identifiers and keep a record of the frame number to verify the bicycle’s sale status. Coordinate with other rental services to avoid similar markings and inform local police of your identification strategy.



Conduct thorough safety checks on each bicycle before re-rental, and check our maintenance checklist 



Offer helmets with fitting advice and ensure they are disinfected between uses. Consider providing additional equipment like tag-a-longs and child trailers, guaranteeing a safe demonstration area is available.



Specialist cycle hire insurance is vital in today’s litigious environment. Adding this to an existing trade policy is most cost-effective. Manager Rental Guidelines Manager customer – Kiwi Journeys New Zealand



Charge a substantial deposit, refundable upon the bicycle’s return in good condition. Accept deposits via credit card with supporting ID. Set daily rates based on bicycle value, hire duration, and accessories. Conduct a thorough check of the bicycle and accessories in the customer’s presence, noting any pre-existing damage. Provide a lock requiring its use.



Maintain detailed records of bicycle identification, damage incidents, and repairs. Deduct repair costs for new damage from the deposit. Utilise a computerised system for efficient data management, such as Manager and enforce return times to avoid extended waiting for late returns.

Guides and Maps


Distribute simple maps of local routes and rent Bicycle computers with loaded GPS routes for experienced riders. Highlight local attractions and cyclist-friendly cafes. Manager Rental Guidelines Manager customer – Kiwi Journeys New Zealand

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead

Make every ride memorable for your customers! And they’ll share their positive experiences with others. Manager Rental Guidelines

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