Rental Inventory software and fleet management
Take full control of your fleet and run it at full potential.
  • Pricing your Assets

    Power of pricing in your hands, flexible pricing means higher profits.

    • Choose to rent by minute, hour, day, week etc. and maximise your profits. For example $ 10/hour or $ 50/day.
    • Automatically prices up your rentals, so you don’t need to.
    • Ability to override pricing at check-out.
    • Use pricing groups to make price management fast and easy. For example you can have one price for all kids bikes or price them by size etc.
  • Manage Assets

    Have a clear control over your assets.

    • Manage all your assets in BRM: bikes, pedals, baby seats, helmets etc.
    • Easily add and edit asset details and images.
    • Change the status of your assets easily: available, checked out, broken, for sale etc.
    • Add/update even large fleet easily, no need to add bike one by one.
  • Tracking

    No more lost bikes.

    • Who has got which bikes.
    • Which accessories/extras have they got.
    • When they are coming back.
    • Enables you to charge the correct customer if bike is damaged or stolen.
  • Inventory

    Powerful inventory management to maximise your profits.

    • Track the complete life cycle of your assets. Every movement is logged in.
    • Keeps a history trail of your data so you can for example check profit  by asset.
    • Make inventory taking a ride in a park with barcoding. Simply scan in all your bikes and you will get an inventory report in seconds.
  • Asset hierarchy and groups

    Classify and organise your assets to have a clear overview.

    • Using asset hierarchy will make it easy for your online customers to find the right bike.
    • Hierarchy will make availability check, allocation and reporting super fast.
    • You can use up to 4 levels with information that is meaningful to your rentals, for example: Adult Bike/Mountain Bike/ Raleigh Size M/ Raleigh xyz, size M, Blue Colour etc.
    • Use short codes or names to make express bookings.