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Bike Rentals vs. Buying:
Making the Eco-Friendly Choice

Exploring the Benefits of Renting Bikes for Hassle-Free Cycling Adventures

It’s shiny and new, and you want it.

The question is, which body part will you sell to buy it?

We have all been there. We are “there” almost every evening as we scour the internet for that perfect bike. The problem is will it be a downhill bike? A gravel bike? A mountain bike? A road bike? Or perhaps even an E-bike?

So much choice and so little money!

As consumers, we are obsessed with ownership. Why? It is evident, really. We see a never-ending bombardment of clever promotions. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with owning things, but is it the best choice?

Let us say you have $250k and want to buy a Lamborghini or Ferrari. What’s it worth once you drive it off the car dealership? $125K, maybe, even less once that person in the parking lot dings it with their door or your better half scuffs the wheels. What if you took that $250k, bought a house, rented it out, and used that money to lease your dream car?

You would have an appreciating asset.

What if we apply that to your dream bike?

Take the Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC, retailing at $4800. What if you kept that money in your account and rented a bike when you wanted one? How would that affect your bank balance?

Bike Mourne, a BRM customer, has compared a year of ownership and a year of bike rentals.

The table’s currency is GBP, but you can easily convert the savings into USD or any other currency.

So how often are you riding? How long till you want the latest version?

Based on the above, which feels very conservative regarding running costs, we reckon 80 times the rent to get your money back is low. Once you have used that bike 80 times and washed it 80 times, had it serviced, and transported it about. It will be more than 80 times to see your money back.

Imagine if you only get out once a month. That bike will be a terrible investment.

Why rent, though? We are biased, but you will never have to worry if your bike is trail-ready, never have additional costs because you have broken something, never have to wash the bike, and never spend hours trying to fix that annoying squeak or tighten those spokes.

All our Manager customers spend many hours ensuring all their bikes are in top condition so the consumers get the best experience on their adventures.

bike rentals - bike rent manager

Be A Hero - A Super Rent Hero

There is more good news, as well as technically, you should wear a cape every time you rent a bike.

We have all seen abandoned bikes dumped in canals. The environmental impact of people buying bikes they don’t use has to be factored into our choices. Indeed it makes more sense for 1 bike to be rented 100 times, than 100 people to go out and buy bikes.

What a great way to minimize your environmental impact, use fewer materials, less shipping, less landfill, less time having to earn money, and more time riding a bike!

Which bike are you going to buy, or how many different bikes are you going to rent?

Are you ready to take your bike rental business to new heights?

Try Manager for FREE and see how it can transform your rental operation.

bike rentals - bike rent manager

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