9 Bike Rental Homepage Must-Haves

Your homepage is the first impression you make with a new customer online and it needs to convince your visitors that they should book a rental bike with you rather than your competitor’s. So, what are the bike rental homepage must-haves:

1. First you need to make sure you display your logo and contact details: location, address, telephone and email address. Having contact details on your homepage builds confidence that you are a legitimate business.

2. Your USP (Unique Selling Point), Headline and subheadline. Within 3 seconds your website needs to tell visitors what you offer. A good example would be: “Carbon Bike Hire in Mallorca” or “Ride the Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco’s Highest Rated Bike Rental”.

  • Your headline should be descriptive, provide all the important information people need and be short. Get it right and you will get more interest. Get it wrong and you won’t get as much traffic as you would like, or as many bookings.
  • Make sure you specify the type of rental in your headline so you will appeal to the right audience.
  • Location is important as most people search with it.
  • What is your USP? Are you close to an attraction, national park, cycle route, have you got special bikes, latest models to test, best rated, best bike selection etc.
  • Subheadline should include a short description of your offer:  If your target market is families “Family adventure in…”, “x miles of traffic free cycling” or for high end bikes “Latest road bike models from x…” or “Discover…”, “We are only x minutes from x” etc.
  • You should always focus on the keywords. Think about the words your potential customer would use to find your bike rental/bike hire/cycle hire. These are the words they will enter into the search engine to find results. By optimising your headline to appeal to the search engines you will stand a far better chance of attracting more attention and getting more bookings. Read more about keywords and SEO for bike rentals here.

3. Call-to-Action (CTA). CTA is text or button that tells your customer what to do next:

“Book a bike”/”Make booking”/”Check availability” etc.  They are important because they convert visitors into customers. They should be clear, visible and action based. You should only have one or two types of CTA’s, otherwise you will distract your visitors.

  • Link the CTA button to the page where you want them to take the action. It could be your contact page so they can call or email you.
  • Ideally your visitors should be able to see it as soon as they land on your page.
  • Or make it easy for them and let them book your bikes straight away, rather than let them contact other rentals and risk losing a booking to your competitor.
  • You can link the online booking tool from Bike Rental Manager (copy and paste one line of text) to your CTA button and let customers book bikes against your live inventory and with no added admin for your.

4. Image. Most people are visual so use an image that captures emotion and is bike related: like an image showing your beautiful location with happy people on bikes so customer can easily imagine doing that themselves. Be careful with the image size as not to make your website slow to load, for example for banner image the size should be less than 60 KB.

You can find free online tool to optimize your Images like: https://www.gimp.org/, https://tinypng.com/, https://kraken.io/

5. Benefits, tell customers why they should rent from you rather than the competition. For example “helmets and lock included”,”our bikes are maintained to high standard”, “book online to skip the queues”,”comfortable ride quaranteed”, “We are only x minutes away from…”, “we can deliver your bikes…”, “get a free map” etc.

6. Social Proof like testimonials and reviews are powerful indicators of trust. Include a few short ones on your home page. Social media is a free and great way to promote your business so make sure to integrate social sharing buttons on your site, or else you may miss out on bookings.

7. Navigation should be visible at the top and make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for. If you also have retail, repair or other gear hire make them all easily visible so customers know where to go. Many visitors will compare different companies so make it easy to find what they need on your homepage. If they can’t find the information they are looking for, they might be too lazy to pick up the phone or email you. They are more likely just to click over to a competitor.

8. Product Listing and Features. Gives your customers and understanding what they are getting. Ideally list all your different bikes with:

  • High quality images, ideally a stock image from the retailer.
  • Price for each bike.
  • Description of each bike. For example if you rent trailers “Great and fun way for younger children to enjoy…” or “The ultimate electric mountain bike – giving you the freedom to venture off the beaten path and enjoy the great outdoors.” Customers might want to know if their rental includes helmets, locks etc. Customers are more likely to book if they get all the information they need easily from your website rather than have to call you.
  • Add a CTA under each description, for example “BOOK NOW”.

9. Resources. Customers may not be ready to book during their first visit but if you provide them with useful information you have a better chance of getting their booking. Check out Kissmetrics blog for more ideas for content. You can get really creative here, for example:

  • Blogs. Having a blog may receive up to 55% more views compare to websites without it. This helps promote your website in search engines and also helps build trust with customers and make them feel safe when booking from your website.
  • Information about your local area will be useful to visitors who are new to your area.
  • Maps and route suggestions could be useful to your customers.
  • Bike reviews. If your customers like to test out new bikes before they buy, make it easy for them to learn more and add links to review sites, like BikeRadar.

Next we will have a closer look at how to turn your website visitors into customers.


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