Bike rentals emerging from Covid-19

Bike rentals emerging from Covid-19

\”Coronavirus cycling boom…\”​

\”Huge increase in popularity of cycling…\”

\”Boom time for bikes…\”

\”Coronavirus lockdown: Cycling has never been so popular…\”

\”Cycling explosion…\” These are just a few headlines in the press last month. Cycling is on the up and there are bike shortages in stores around the world. What about bike rentals? How are bike rental businesses doing around the world? Here are the Top 8 countries based on growth in rentals May 2020 vs. June 2020.

According to data from Bike Rental Manager online booking plugin, the bike rentals are booming! Bookings made in June 2020 were 207% higher than in May 2020 and 20% more people were looking to rent bikes this June compared to June last year. Many shops report that they are busier than they have ever been. 


Some tips to get you ready for the season ahead:

  • Do as much delivery based / kerbside pickup as you can.  It can be a very efficient way of doing business if you get organised and reduces the \’fear of crowds\’ that can deter many a renter during this pandemic.
  • Favour online bookings versus walk-in. Reduce in-store time.  Increase your bookings.  Build up a more predictable \’order book\’.
  • Update your fleet inventory and prices in BRM. The new inventory management will make it a breeze for you. 
  • To save time on extra busy days choose to the planner view to make your reservation in seconds. Read here more about reservation types and choose the best one for your needs.
  • Customers will be happy to register themselves and cut the queue down for you if you let them use their mobile phones or set up self registration kiosks for them with tablets. Here are instructions how to set it up.
  • Customize your online booking plugin with your logo, colors, text and more.
  • Offer your bike repair and service bookings online to free up your phones, read more here.
  • Find a reservation fast (when a customer comes to pick the bike up) by scanning the barcode from the reservation print-out, more about it here.
  •  Keep yourself and customers safe and ask for electronic signatures by email, no need to sign at the store. Check here how to do it.

We have put together a more detailed list of how to use the features of BRM which are particularly well suited to operating during Covid-19 here.

How to keep your rental customers and yourself safe during Covid-19? Read more tips in our blog post \”Help for your bike rental during Covid-19 pandemic\”.

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