How Barcodes Work In Bike Rental Manager

Using Barcodes is a fantastic way to speed up your admin processes. Think of barcodes as little stores of data. The data stored is simply product reference information. When it is scanned, the data is sent to the computer which uses it to look up records associated with the product.

Benefits of using a barcodes include:

  • Reducing the amount of data entry errors
  • Time saving vs manual data entry / lookups
  • Improved efficiency as your staff can look at other tasks

Overall barcodes will help streamline your data processes for areas such as maintenance, check-out, check-in and inventory taking for your bike rental business. Barcoding is no longer a technology for high-tech companies any business that deals with products can benefit from implementing barcode technology. With that being said they are not a silver bullet for making things run smoothly, they are simply a means of getting data into Bike Rental Manager quickly and without error

Barcodes Types

When looking at Barcodes, it is important to understand the different types of barcode and what each one is good at.

1D Barcode

A 1D barcode is one the most common type of barcodes, the type you’ll see on most products in the supermarket. A 1D barcode is linear and visual is a black and white pattern, using variable-width lines and spaces for encoding information. The information used usually consists of numbers or characters and is stored left to right. The length of a one-dimensional barcode is directly tied to how much information it holds, the more information the longer the barcode, on average these are 20-25 characters. This type of barcode is great for simple ID’s on inventory.  In order to be useful A 1D barcode requires a connection to a database. After a scanner reads the numbers in the code, they must be linked back to your data in order for it to work.

1D Barcode

1D Barcode example – Please note the MB12 written underneath is not part of the barcode, it is an option so that humans can also read the code!

2D Barcode

A 2D barcode uses patterns, shapes, and dots in place of black and white bars in order to encrypt information. Because of the additional elements, data can be encrypted both horizontally and vertically. 2D barcode can encrypt more characters (around 2000) in the same amount of space as a 1D barcode which is perfect for more complex data like a web URL or an image (and great when the reading device is a tablet or mobile phone) QR codes offer fantastic versatility and also feature exceptional fault tolerance, Which allows them to be decoded even if part of the code is damaged. One limitation of the 2D barcode is that they cannot be read with a traditional laser scanner. There are many types of 2D Barcode the most common of which is the QR code


2D Barcode

A 2D QR Code

What Bike Rental Manager Does And Doesn’t Do With Barcodes?

If you want to use barcodes to streamline your processes, then it is useful to know what Bike Rental Manager does and doesn’t do with barcodes.

What Bike Rental Manager does do:

  1. Bike Rental Manager prints 1D barcodes onto rental tickets – if you want it to.  If you\’re using EVO mode, this lets you tie together rental tickets with actual bikes.
  2. Bike Rental Manager reads 1D barcodes from bikes to drive everyday operations like, maintenance, check-out, check-in, inventory taking.
  3. Bike Rental Manager generates a QR (2D barcode) for each of your kiosks so that you (and your customers) can access a specific kiosk, on their chosen device instantly.

What Bike Rental Manager does NOT do:

  1. Bike Rental Manager does not include barcode labels for putting onto your inventory.  Why?  Because we recommend you either buy your own label printer(which comes with software to print) or just purchase a pre-printed roll of labels.  If you are interested in having us print your barcode labels, please contact support and we would be happy to supply you with a quote!
  2. Bike Rental Manager does not use QR codes for rental items (inventory).  Why?  Because they are not suited to bicycles. We did extensive testing. They are too slow(er) to read, don\’t suit curved surfaces, don\’t work in all lighting conditions, and are more susceptible to damage that bike frames often sustain.

Using Barcode in Bike Rental Manager is entirely optional – everything you can do in Bike Rental Manager using barcodes you can also do with keyboard and mouse data entry.