What Are Your Bike Rental Customers Talking About?

Cycling is a hugely popular activity. Be it competitively, leisurely or for work. With so many different types of cyclists, it is interesting to ask the question, what are people talking about?

Understanding popular topics within cycling can help you focus your bike marketing efforts to boost your rental opportunities. In the following blog, we’ll discuss a few of the talking points on cycling from across the web to get your bike marketing juices flowing!

Cycling to Work

Returning To Work

A topic that many people are thinking about as we slowly move out of lockdown is the return of the daily commute. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the thought of returning to the office and the hustle and bustle of rush hour trains and busses is causing commuter anxiety

As a result, people are looking for alternative modes of transport for getting back to the office, including cycling. Cycling to work is already a popular mode of transportation for commuting. It ranks above walking and motorcycles and has the potential to have considerable growth in the future as the return to work continues. 

As a bike rental business, this provides you with an excellent opportunity to capitalise on commuters who may be new to cycling to work or looking to get back in the saddle (pun intended). If your bike rental business is in or close to a city or on a popular commuter route, this buzz is definitely a great opportunity for you. 

Ensure you have a great range of commuter-friendly bikes, and perform some bike marketing to highlight the benefits of cycling to work and your excellent range of rental cycles. You could also consider promotions to help your customers take advantage of the financial support benefits of cycling to work.

Cycling for healthCycling For Health

Continuing the trend of themes as a result of coronavirus is a new and invigorated focus on our physical and mental health. Throughout the duration of the pandemic, studies highlighted the connection of being overweight with severe symptoms of Covid-19. While the obesity crisis is sadly nothing new, people have been taking it more seriously in the wake of the pandemic. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed his weight as a contributing factor in his fight with Covid-19 and began cycling as a way to overcome this.

Aside from our physical health, mental health is another personal well-being element that has also been in the spotlight more due to the pandemic. Multiple lockdowns, isolation and the previously mentioned return to work anxiety means people are trying to find ways to support a positive mental state. Cycling can form a key part of this. It provides an opportunity to get out into nature and lose ourselves in thought.

From a bike rental perspective, this provides you with great opportunities for bike marketing. Consider creating blogs speaking around these topics, discussing great routes in your local area. Focus on promoting your bikes for rental around being healthy.  

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

With father’s day on the horizon (20th June), many people with cycle mad dads will be searching for great gift ideas. On average, the UK spends over £660 Million on father’s day gifts, making it one of the biggest gifting times of the year which means that it is an occasion with many opportunities.

Gift ideas for the cycling dad could include water bottles, books, repair tools, even a new bike. If your bike rental store also sells products (such as bikes at the end of their rental lifecycle), then father’s day offers a great opportunity for your bike rental store to promote your products.

Another idea, if your business has the capacity to do so, is to package your tour opportunities as gifts. By promoting your tours in this way you’ll be opening your tours to a wider opportunity, providing great gifting opportunities for your customers. 

Cycling Events

Cycling Events

The cycling season is officially in full swing, with cycling enthusiasts being able to enjoy events from  all over the world. The most recent, Giro d’Italia, is currently one of the most popular discussions among cycling fans. Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal won the Italian annual, multi-stage event, becoming only the second Colombian to win the Italian grand tour. 

The crown jewel in the cycling event calendar, the Tour de France, is also on the horizon. The major cycling race takes place on 26th Jun 2021 and is one of the most-watched cycling events in the world. In 2020, 3.5 million people on average tuned in to watch the racing stages and see who would be crowned the winner.

Events like these provide incredible opportunities for bike marketing and bike rentals. The additional marketing around cycling during these events puts the sports front of mind for potential new customers, as they begin to think about cycling themselves and as people watch their favourite cyclists participate in these incredible events; they are inspired to do the same

From a bike rental perspective, you could market your own tours and events to give people a taste of these professional challengers, or market your bikes as a way of trying out the sport but without having to commit to paying out to own a bike.


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