The all-in-one solution to bike rentals. Designed to make your job easier and increase your rentals.

Manage your rentals, inventory, online bookings, payments and maintenance easily from one place.

  • All reservations and online bookings with payments are checked against your live inventory –  no under or overbooking!

  • Per minute scheduling of your bikes so you can book in and out same bike multiple times easily during one day.

  • Record bike delivery information against each reservation and use delivery scheduling to manage your deliveries effortlessly.

  • Take online bookings from your Facebook page or add online booking to your website with two easy steps.

What is Spinlister

  • Spinlister grew out of a peer to peer rental network.
  • They moved into Bike stores in 2016/7
  • They charge renter and store per transaction
  • They have a kiosk mode
  • As part of the transaction fee they offer insurance.

What is BRM?

  • BRM is a dedicated rental platform for bikes.  Back office, kiosk and online booking.
  • Operating since 2011.
  • No transaction fees per rental – flat annual fee.
  • We don’t offer insurance, but support many common rental mechanisms including waivers, deposits, 3rd party insurance etc.

Some of our customers using Bike Rental Manager...

BRM in article about Spinlister alternatives

Bike Rental Manager in Bicycle Retailer

Bike Rental Manager in Bicycle Retailer