Bike Rental Manager 2.0 with

the single planner view you will love

one place to create, search and manage rentals

Manage your rentals with speed

  • Create, find and manage all from one single view
  • 3 levels of detail; overview, summary popup, detail page
  • Modify from the detail, or by drag and drop
  • Control your inventory – only book what is available
  • Choose your view:
    • Per hour
    • Per day
    • List views

Video demonstration

Please take a look here to check out a quick video tour

  • click to create
  • optional top panel for fast data entry
  • create, search and manage rentals all one one place

Fast data entry with optional 'detail panel'

  • Fast customer detail entry via tablet
  • Electronic waivers built-in
  • Point of Sale integration
  • Create, search and maintain quick panels for speedy operation

bike rental manager 2.0

Super easy inventory management

  • ‘What you see is what you get’ inventory management
  • Drag and drop organisation
  • Upload your own photos
  • Set your own suitability
  • Fully customizable pricing
  • Set your own extras, discounts etc.

Get everybody started easily

  • Getting started wizard
  • We project manage your setup, at your pace
  • Training videos
  • Online support

Super Fast

Only take seconds to create, find and manage your rentals.

Super Easy To Use

All your staff will be able to manage rentals straight away.

Free Up Your Staff

Managing rentals will take much less time.

Improve Customer Service

Cut the queues down, you will need to spend less time per customer.

Mobile Friendly

Manage your rentals from where your bikes are, with your mobile or tablet.

We don't charge commission per rental!

Check how affordable it is!
Some of our clients using the BRM calendar based online booking reservations system

What Our Clients Say

“Got me up and running fast. It’s been great and now I get the hang of it I find it very easy and reliable. No paper or fuss. Keeps track of all my bookings. Easy to edit. Stoked to work with you folks.”

Luke Young - Sunshine Cycles, Australia