Customer Database, Marketing and Communication
Keep in touch with your customers and build a loyal customer base.
  • Customer Database and Profiles

    Save your customer details as the probability of selling a service to an existing customer is around 60-70 percent.

    • Store customer details for their next visit.
    • Choose what information you want to record.
    • Easily find customer and contact details.
    • Add them to your loyal customer base and use their details for marketing.
    • Automatically feed your new customer information to MailChimp mailing list.
    • View rental history and account balance.
  • Communication and marketing.

    Drive your rentals and profit with loyal customers.

    • Take notes for your bookings, record them by reservation or item. For example: change of bike, height, pedals, travel details etc. Enables you to keep all information in one place, easily available.
    • Use customer profiles in your marketing campaigns. Email offers, discounts and tips. Ask to keep in touch in Social Media and ask for reviews.
    • Add your new customers automatically to MailChimp marketing tool for easy marketing campaigns to increase your rentals.