bike rental manager is powering Allure Rentals #2
Pedro Couto Lopes ~ Marketing Specialist

March 22, 2024 [Bike rental software] 

Allure Bikes sells 75% of its bike rental fleet to its customers

Cycling on the Costa Blanca in Spain
About Allure Bike Rental

“Allure Bikes started their business in January 2019 with only 15 bikes and ordered 8 more in 2020.


In January 2020, we noticed in Manager that we had rented out all of our bikes for weeks in March and April 2020.


Unfortunately, COVID-19 came in March 2020, and we had to withdraw everything for a long time (like many other businesses). Our main clients come from Belgium, Scandinavia and Holland.


As Scandinavia didn´t get permission to travel to Spain, it was tough, and it almost took until September 2021 before we got some clients.

Luckily, we survived, and our business has grown steadily since mid-2022.


Business growth is so much easier now that I know how BRM works, and I can trust the system for my reservations and schedules.”

bike rental manager is powering Allure Rentals #4

Why Manager?

” We started with Manager (BRM) on the opening date of our business. With BRM we have an overall view of my bikes on my screen. I can easily swap bikes when necessary. They have developed some new features that are quite useful. The support desk, especially Jeremy from the USA and Jorrit from Spain, are really great and very helpful.


“The implementation of Stripe integration into our business has been such a benefit both to us and to our clients. I even use it now for another business we own. It makes things so much easier, reliable and very quick to use.”

bike rental manager is powering Allure Rentals #1

Have you been successful in converting rental customers into buyers?

Yes, we have. From the bikes we wanted to sell to update our fleet, we have been selling 75% to our own clients. This means that we will lose them but we love it, that they like our bikes and service so much that they decided to buy one of ours. “

"I can trust the system for my reservations and schedules"