Bike Point Tenerife and Manager
Pedro Couto Lopes
May 18, 2023 [Bike rental software] – Tags

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Bike Point Tenerife finds seamless integration and efficiency
About Bike Point Tenerife
Point Bike Tenerife has undergone significant transformations in recent years to provide an enhanced and professional service to its valued clients. From humble beginnings in El Médano over 16 years ago, the brand has expanded to encompass three Bike Point shops. Alongside the rapid expansion, Point Bike Tenerife has prioritised improving its brand image and renovating its shops to create a modern, spacious, and customer-friendly environment.
Bike Point Tenerife and Manager
“I have been looking for 6 years without feeling completely satisfied” said Bjørn De Vos, Owner.
Bike Point shop on the island of Tenerife, which most cyclists would call their ideal cycling destination, talks to Manager

Bjørn, the owner of Bike Point shop on the island of Tenerife, needed a platform that integrated a point of sale and a rental management system. He found the integration between Lightspeed and BRM perfectly fit his business.”

Bjørn said, “With Lightspeed and BRM, we have found a growing and evolving platform to respond to the demands of rental businesses.

The software delivers on its promise of seamless integration with easy-to-make online reservations, and the API is easily configured to our website. Also the kiosk, with its client waiver, is also a great bonus.

The lightspeed and BRM integration make it work so much better across 2 shops with a fleet of over 350 bikes.”

Bike Point Tenerife and Manager

Why Manager?

“It made online bookings so much more manageable vs our previous software.”

Bike Point Tenerife and Manager

Improvement in overall delivery of bike rentals

“As we needed a rental program that works well together with a POS software, the tandem of Lightspeed with BRM made that our go-to choice.”

Bike Point Tenerife and Manager


“The possibility to have direct availability in live time 24/7 from wherever without difficult server login / VPN/ or Remote access and without the need of specific software/PC or Mac specifications.”