Earth Mountain Bicycle and Manager
Pedro Couto Lopes
May 12, 2023 [Bike rental software] – Tags

Community and adventure

Earth Mountain Bicycle creates a thriving cycling hub
About Earth Mountain Bicycle
Earth Mountain Bicycle is the realization of LeRoy Walters’ vision to create a vibrant hub where cycling, community, coffee, beer, and local artisans converge. LeRoy & Caitlin, Owners of Earth Mountain Bicycle, USA are passionate about preserving the planet, fostering a strong community, and encouraging more people to embrace cycling. Through active involvement with the local community and government, they advocate for improved bike infrastructure, promoting safety and accessibility for riders.
Earth Mountain Bicycle and Manager

Why Manager?

“BRM is a phenomenal tool to utilise for bike rentals. It is very easy to navigate on the user side and also on the shop owner’s side when changes have to be made.”

Earth Mountain Bicycle and Manager

Improvement in overall delivery of bike rentals

“BRM has increased our sales through the seamless integration of our website and increases the user experience when travelling to Western North Carolina here in Brevard, NC.”

Highly recommended!

“The possibility to have direct availability in live time 24/7 from wherever without difficult server login / VPN/ or Remote access and without the need of specific software/Pc or Mac specifications.”