People riding rental bikes near the beach
Pedro Couto Lopes ~ Marketing Specialist

June 21, 2024 [Bike rental software] 

Explore Portugal with the best bike rentals and tours software

"It certainly helps us to be more confident in terms of fleet management, avoiding overbookings."
About Go Cycling Portugal

Go Cycling Portugal is a certified travel agency and tour operator specializing in bike rentals, bike routes, and self-guided bike touring packs across Portugal. They aim to provide cycling enthusiasts with all the necessary tools to explore Portugal independently. Based in Lisbon, with additional bike stations in Porto and other locations, they offer a wide range of services to enhance the cycling experience.


Customers have praised Go Cycling Portugal for their high-quality bikes, excellent service, and well-organized tours. Many have highlighted the helpfulness of the staff and the seamless rental and return process. Reviews often mention memorable experiences on the tours, with several customers planning to return for future cycling adventures.

People riding rental bikes near the beach

Why Manager?

“We were in the market looking for a solution that integrated bike rentals with our bike tours in the same fleet management system. We also needed to accomodate several bike stations in such system, as we rent bikes and operate tours that can start in different pick-up/drop-off locations. Our previous system did not accommodate these needs that were critical for our growth and BRM already had all these features in place.”

Onboarding Experience

Easy and fast


“The backoffice already has a lot of information available and the helpdesk is very responsive. Also, the BRM staff were helpful in setting up a series of online meetings to make sure the onboarding process was smooth with all our team members.”

Key Benefits

“It certainly helps us to be more confident in terms of fleet management, avoiding overbookings. Also, the booking system is very easy to use so guests end up having less doubts upon bookings – this gives us more time to focus on customer experience, on bike maintenance and just providing help and advice to accommodate guests’ needs.”

Support from Manager

” Very responsive and to the point “