A cyclist wearing a red jersey and white helmet is captured mid-action, leaning into a curve on a paved road surrounded by lush greenery. The foreground features a high-end racing bike, prominently displaying its aerodynamic frame and sleek design. A circular logo with the text "Just Pedal" is visible on the left side of the image.
Pedro Couto Lopes ~ Marketing Specialist

June 6, 2024 [Bike rental software] 

Software configurability and ease of use for the customer

bike.rent Manager (BRM) has made customer booking and fleet management easy and efficient for Just Pedal
About Just Pedal

Just Pedal is a premier bike hire and Specialized Bikes demo center located in the heart of the Surrey Hills, UK. Situated outside London in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Just Pedal offers a diverse range of bikes, including road bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, and leisure bikes. With 85 bikes on-site, customers have access to top-quality Specialized bikes, ideal for any cycling adventure. Just Pedal boasts an array of trails and roads directly from its front door, including the legendary Box Hill that was part of the London Olympics road race parcour, signed gravel routes, and numerous mountain bike trails. Within walking distance, customers also have access to a vineyard, cafe, brewery, four-star hotel, and ample parking, making it a perfect destination for cyclists of all abilities.


In addition to bike hire, Just Pedal organizes corporate and charity cycling events and bespoke holidays across the UK and Europe, hosting 30 to 40 events annually.


BRM spoke with Rob Hawkins, Founder & CEO of Just Pedal, to understand the impact that bike.rent Manager continues to have on their business.

Several high-end road bikes are parked on a bike rack outside a modern building with a wooden facade. The foreground bike is bright orange, standing out among the other bikes, which are mostly in neutral tones. The bikes are equipped with advanced components and are ready for use on diverse terrains.

Why bike.rent Manager?

“We evaluated several products on the market, but bike.rent Manager (BRM) was the standout candidate. The key factors that drew us to BRM were its configurability and the ease of use of its front end for the customer experience. It provided a really easy, configurable interface that allowed us to adjust our fleet quickly and easily. Additionally, the seamless and straightforward booking process for customers was a significant advantage. We could also configure the system to our specific needs in the background, making it ideal for our purposes.”

Onboarding Experience

“The onboarding process was smooth and straightforward, which was a huge plus. The technology allowed us to integrate BRM with our existing website effortlessly. Once we worked through the backend setup, getting the front end up and running was very easy. Whenever we encountered issues during the rollout or had queries about certain functionalities, the support from the BRM team, especially Jorrit in Barcelona, was incredible. They were very responsive and quick to resolve any questions or issues we had.”


bike.rent Manager  has made customer booking and fleet management easy and efficient for Just Pedal

Key Benefits

The data and reports from BRM help them make informed decisions about their fleet and adapt to customer preferences


“In our day-to-day operations, BRM has brought two major benefits: ease of customer booking and backend automation. The customer booking workflow is intuitive, allowing customers to effortlessly select their preferred bike, date, time, and duration. This clarity and convenience have been instrumental in our planning and fleet management. Additionally, the data provided by BRM on historical bookings and upcoming reservations is invaluable. It allows us to run detailed reports, helping us understand customer preferences and trends. This insight enables us to manage our fleet efficiently, ensuring we have the right bikes available at all times.”

A light gray road bike with the brand name "Specialized" prominently displayed on the frame is set against a picturesque backdrop of green hills, vineyards, and a distant town. The bike is equipped with wide tires suitable for various terrains, emphasizing its versatility.

Indispensable Functionality

“Two essential features of BRM for us are the service logs and historical booking data. The service logs help us keep our bikes in top condition by tracking repairs, safety checks, and other maintenance tasks. The point system for servicing ensures our bikes are always ready for customers. Additionally, the historical booking data is crucial for managing our fleet and understanding customer demand, allowing us to make informed decisions about our inventory and services.”


“Overall, bike.rent Manager has been integral to our success at Just Pedal, streamlining our operations and enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional service to our customers.”