Musette Bike exceptional service and a warm community atmosphere
Pedro Couto Lopes

October 10, 2023 [Bike rental software] 

Crafting Premium Rental Experiences

Musette Bike exceptional service and a warm community atmosphere
About Musette Bike

Musette Bike, is located in the picturesque Algarve region of Portugal, and offers top-notch bike rentals, sales, guided tours, and expert bike repairs. Their wide selection of high-quality bikes and accessories caters to every rider, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Customers can relax, recharge, and connect with fellow cyclists at Musette Bike coffee shop while exploring the beauty of the Costa Vicentina Natural Park – all provided by one of the best bike rental shops in the Algarve. 


Jerom, the founder of Musette Bike, shifted his focus from bike holidays to bike rentals, aligning with the thriving cycling tourism in Algarve. Having grown up with a deep cycling tradition in Belgium, Jerom brought his passion to the sunny coast of Algarve.


Jerom shares his journey: “I was born on a bicycle. Okay, I’m from Belgium. We did everything on a bike – going to school, the bakery, the supermarket, the train station. Always, we used the bike.”

Musette Bike exceptional service and a warm community atmosphere

Why Manager?

“Choosing Manager (BRM) was a game-changer for us. Focused entirely on bike rentals, BRM provided us with a streamlined rental solution. Initially managing with a basic system, we transitioned to Manager (BRM) as our business expanded to a second shop. The software eliminated the need for manual paperwork and improved our efficiency significantly.”

Musette Bike exceptional service and a warm community atmosphere

The BRM Advantage: Enhancing Bike Rental Experience

“We’ve relied on BRM for six years to manage our rentals effectively. The back-end system empowers our team to effortlessly track bookings and organize inventory. BRM has eliminated the need for manual processes, such as printing our old ‘bike pad’. As our business grows, BRM continues to save us time and enhances our rental operations.”

Looking Ahead: Creating a Cycling Hub - Cafe, Rental, Shop, Repairs

“Our vision is to blend Belgian cycling traditions with Portuguese culture, creating a vibrant cycling hub. We plan to transform our cafe and shop into a haven for biking enthusiasts and tourists alike. By introducing high-quality bikes and local products sourced from talented artisans within the community, we aim to offer a premium experience. From delectable desserts crafted by a local Belgian Swiss Chocolatier to speciality coffee roasted by a passionate local cycling enthusiast, Musette Bike is a hub of unique flavours and experiences.”

Musette Bike exceptional service and a warm community atmosphere

What has the support from BRM been like?

“We’ve seen BRM develop their software for the past 6 years and tackle any little problems we had. They are also very helpful and have loads of information to help us constantly. At Musette Bike, our commitment remains steadfast – to provide top-notch bike rentals, exceptional service, and a warm community atmosphere. With the support of BRM, we continue to innovate and deliver outstanding biking adventures, ensuring every customer enjoys a memorable experience on our bikes.”