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Pedro Couto Lopes ~ Marketing Specialist

May 15, 2024 [Bike rental software] 

On Your Bike Shop Success Story with bike.rent Manager

"Everything would come crashing down if we stopped using BRM!"
About On Your Bike

On Your Bike has been a staple in the London cycling community and beyond for over 30 years. The shop caters to a diverse customer base, offering a wide range of products and services. They are a Premier Brompton Store with an extensive selection of bikes and demo models. Their large, fully equipped workshop is staffed by Cytech-accredited mechanics, ensuring quick and efficient service. On Your Bike also boasts one of the largest bike rental fleets in London, making it easy for customers to explore the city or participate in events.


BRM spoke with Dave, Sales Supervisor at On Your Bike, to understand the impact that bike.rent Manager continues to have on their business across 3 locations.

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Why bike.rent Manager?

The software solved the problem of human error and made it easier to track bike repairs and availability


“When we first started our bike rental service around 2010, managing our small fleet of bikes was straightforward with a spreadsheet. However, as our fleet grew, we realized we needed a more robust solution to manage our increasing demand. After exploring different options, we chose bike.rent Manager (BRM) because it offered features that addressed our needs perfectly. The ability to track customer information, manage rental dates, and monitor bike conditions were game-changers for us. The real-time tracking significantly reduced human errors, making our operations much smoother.”

Onboarding Experience

“Integrating bike.rent Manager in 2018 was initially challenging as it was a new software for us. Doug, from BRM, was incredibly supportive, helping us navigate the setup process. Despite encountering some issues, our feedback was promptly addressed, and many of our suggestions were implemented. For example, the addition of a feature to name each bike individually was crucial for our diverse fleet. Although the early stages had some pitfalls, the overall onboarding experience was positive and a great learning opportunity.”

Key Benefits

Using bike.rent Manager on a daily basis saves On Your Bike time and improves efficiency in managing bike rentals


“One of the most substantial benefits we’ve experienced with BRM is the improvement in time management. Previously, we spent a lot of time manually tracking which bikes were going out each day. Now, we can simply load up the system, see what bikes are scheduled, and prep them in advance. This clear-cut information has saved us a significant amount of time and streamlined our daily operations.”

Image showing rows of bicycles neatly stacked in a storage area. The bikes are various colors and models, suggesting a wide selection available for rental. SEO keyword: Bike rentals.

Indispensable Functionality

Key features for On Your Bike are real-time tracking, customer information management, and maintenance and workshop management


“The maintenance feature of BRM has become essential to our operations. When a bike returns needing significant repairs, we log it in BRM, and the mechanics are immediately notified of what needs to be done. This has eliminated the need for manual checks and communication breakdowns. Without this feature, our workflow would be chaotic, and managing repairs would be far less efficient. The ability to mark bikes as broken until they are fixed has ensured that our fleet is always in top condition.”

Event Management

The software plays a crucial role in managing large events with a high volume of bike rentals


“On Your Bike also manages several large events throughout the year, such as the Ride 100 London in May, where we rent out around 150 bikes in a single day. BRM is indispensable during these events. It allows us to effortlessly keep track of all bookings, customer details, and maintenance needs. We can load event dates into the system and instantly see which bikes are going out, making it easy for our mechanics to prepare. This level of organization would be impossible without BRM, and attempting to manage such events with our old spreadsheet system would lead to numerous issues.”



“Overall, bike.rent Manager has transformed our bike rental business. It has streamlined our operations, improved our time management, and enhanced our maintenance processes. We couldn’t imagine running our business without it, especially during major events. BRM has truly been a game-changer for On Your Bike.”