Pivot Cycles and bike.rent Manager
Pedro Couto Lopes
May 23, 2023 [Bike rental software] – Tags

Streamlined demos

Redefining efficiency and unforgettable rides with Pivot Cycles
About Pivot Cycles
Pivot Cycles, born from a passion for cycling and a drive to innovate, traces its origins back to the visionary mind of Chris Cocalis. Dissatisfied with the available bikes and components, Chris embarked on a journey of designing and patenting bicycle parts, laying the foundation for Pivot Cycles. After co-founding Titus Cycles and making strides in full suspension mountain bikes, Chris and his team identified opportunities for improvement in the industry. Fueled by their creativity and unwavering support, Pivot Cycles emerged in 2007, symbolized by the mythological firebird, representing their transformative process and commitment to pushing boundaries in bicycle innovation.
Pivot Cycles and bike.rent Manager

Why bike.rent Manager?

“With bike.rent Manager, everything becomes quicker. From bike setup to paperwork, we have streamlined our operations to deliver an unforgettable experience to riders. But that’s not all!”

Pivot Cycles and bike.rent Manager

Improvement in overall delivery of demo experiences

“Last May, at Europe’s largest mountain biking festival in Riva, Pivot Cycles, in just 4 days, with a fleet of 55 bikes, offered 400 moments of pure joy, shared stories, and unforgettable rides with their demo sessions powered by bike.rent Manager.”

Pivot Cycles and bike.rent Manager


“Our demo sessions have become more efficient too. By setting up our bikes in advance with the information given by our riders through bike.rent Manager, we ensure shorter wait times for our customers, making the overall experience even more enjoyable.”