Rutland and Manager
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May 2, 2023 [Bike rental software] – Tags

Maximum efficiency and growth

Rutland Cycling optimised fleet management and booking automation
About Rutland Cycling
Established in 1981, Rutland Cycling has evolved into a second-generation family business with 14 stores and a leading online platform. With dedicated Electric Bike Centres and a comprehensive range of products and services, they cater to cyclists of all levels, from beginners to performance athletes.
Rutland and Manager

Why Manager?

Rutland Cycling selected Manager (BRM) to efficiently manage their large hire fleet of over 700 bikes across 4 centres. Their previous solution involving modified POS systems and manual logs was time-consuming and error-prone. BRM offered an integrated system that streamlined fleet inputting, eliminated double-bookings, and accurately tracked bike usage for optimized maintenance. It also handled POS functions like bookings, customer details, and invoice generation. Rutland Cycling trusts BRM to meet their evolving needs.
Rutland and Manager

How does BRM help Rutland Cycling?

BRM streamlines Rutland Cycling’s rental process, reducing management time. It simplifies fleet inputting, eliminates double-bookings, and tracks bike usage for efficient maintenance scheduling. The system handles POS functions, automating bookings, customer data capture, and invoice generation. Rutland Cycling experiences improved efficiency and accuracy in managing their rentals with BRM.

How has BRM improved rental efficiency?

Fleet inputting is now quick and effortless, saving time from hours to minutes. Double-bookings are eliminated, ensuring accurate bike availability and maximizing rentals. Maintenance tasks are scheduled based on actual bike usage, optimizing their efforts. Integration with POS automates bookings, customer data collection, and invoicing. BRM enhances efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in Rutland Cycling’s rental operations.