SCOTT Experience Tour events with Manager
Pedro Couto Lopes

October 11, 2023 [Bike rental software] 

The all-in-one solution

Efficiently managing SCOTT Sports test fleet and streamlining the SCOTT Experience Tour events customer journey
About SCOTT Experience Tour

The SCOTT Experience Tour visits specially selected locations across Europe to provide cycling enthusiasts with on-site brand experience events and the opportunity to test their products. From high-end bike testing to demo rides, SCOTT Sports aims to deliver a unique experience.

SCOTT Experience Tour events with Manager

Why Manager?

“We were looking for an all-in-one solution to efficiently manage our test fleet, as well as streamline the customer journey at our SCOTT Experience Tour events. Manager stood out as an industry-specific, feature-packed tool that would integrate well into our large-scale global events.”

SCOTT Experience Tour events with Manager

What was your experience onboarding Manager (BRM)?

“BRM developed a tailor-made package to suit our requirements and delivered multiple, personalized onboarding sessions to ensure our team was well-equipped and confident in rolling out the system in a real-world setting.”

SCOTT Experience Tour events with Manager

How does BRM help SCOTT deliver a better demo experience and customer care?

“As previously mentioned, the solution is industry-specific and well-designed to meet both the user and customer needs at a large-scale test event. BRM has helped us to digitalize our operations and reduce manual tasks, as well as enable detailed post-event reporting.

The SCOTT Experience Tour consisted of multiple-day test events in more than 10 countries over the course of 6 months. BRM allowed us to augment the experience for thousands of dealers and consumers over this time.”

SCOTT Experience Tour events with Manager

What has the support from BRM been like?

“BRM provides a comprehensive resource library to refer to when needed and has been readily available for virtual meetings in the event of further questions. The team at BRM are open to custom requests and feedback and have demonstrated their capacity to develop solutions based on this feedback.


We appreciate the ongoing support from the team at BRM, and look forward to working with them into the future!”