Wine Country Cyclery with Manager
Pedro Couto Lopes

March 2, 2023 [Bike rental software] 

Small shop, big rental business

Comprehensive system within price range with Wine Country Cyclery
About Wine Country Cyclery

Wine Country Cyclery, situated in the historic downtown Sonoma since 2010, stands as the go-to spot for bicycle enthusiasts seeking rentals, new bikes, services, and other cycling-related needs. Nestled a block west of the square, it provides a comprehensive cycling experience in Sonoma’s picturesque setting, making it an ideal destination for locals and visitors alike seeking to explore the area on two wheels.

Wine Country Cyclery with Manager

Why Manager?

We’re a small shop but do a big rental business. We really needed a comprehensive system that was within our price range, and BRM was the answer.
Wine Country Cyclery with Manager

How does BRM help Wine Country Cyclery?

We’ve been using it for a year now and it has improved our efficiency greatly, plus the Online Booking Engine has reduced our workload tremendously.

How has BRM improved rental efficiency?

The team was using the system successfully within 1-2 days. So Yes. It has supercharged our bookings.