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June 1, 2023 [Bike rental software] – Tags

Your Gateway to Cycling in UAE

The joy of riding and simplifying bike rentals with Wolfi’s
About Wolfi’s
Wolfi’s started renting all the way back in Germany from his brother’s garage. When he moved to Dubai he continued to use rentals as a cornerstone for his business.
In 2002 “Wolfi’s” opened his first bike shop in UAE with the Vision of bringing Cycling to the Middle East Region and helping as many people as possible to enjoy the joy & benefits of an active lifestyle. Wolfi’s offers a wide range of the world’s leading bikes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi; from kids bikes to full carbon road bikes and mountain bikes. They have over a 100 bikes to choose from in their stores.
Wolfis and bike.rent Manager
Dubai and UAE is investing heavily on becoming a bike friendly region to encourage more people to lead an active lifestyle. Wolfi’s Bike Rental at Abu Dhabi Cycling Club has a dedicated cycling track for the use of the public and their shop is entirely dedicated to bike rentals.

Why bike.rent Manager?

“We chose BRM primarily for its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. We were looking for a solution that could streamline our rental process, and BRM stood out with its robust capabilities. The software’s ability to manage inventory and handle bookings was exactly what we needed.”

Wolfis and bike.rent Manager

Improvement in overall delivery of rentals

“Implementing BRM has significantly improved our rental delivery. The software has automated many of our previously manual processes, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. It has also enhanced our customer service, as we can now provide quicker and more accurate responses to customer inquiries.”


“BRM has made our process more efficient in several ways. The inventory management feature has eliminated the need for manual tracking, reducing the risk of overbooking or underutilizing our bikes. The booking system has streamlined our reservation process, making it easier for both our staff and customers.”