Sardinia Cycling races ahead with excellent quality of service, smarter processes and better business insights


Expanding the business without losing either our identity or our smile.


Efficient management of reservations, payments, invoicing and maintenance. BRM was the only software that covered all aspects of our business and saves us half a day in admin tasks. That time we can now dedicate to increase the quality of our service.

Sardinia Cycling is a premium high end bike rental and bike tour operator in Sardinia, Italy. It was started up in 2008 by cycling enthusiasts from their own backyard. The team loves to share their passion to Sardinia with visitors and help to ensure they have a successful holiday. Sardinia Cycling attracts customers, or guests as they like to call them, from all over the world and especially from German speaking countries. Their guests come for the high quality of service: efficiency, punctuality and flexibility that Sardinia Cycling offers. And always served with a smile on their face, even under pressure. With three different locations they can cover the whole of the island and are close at hand to their guests, where ever they might find themselves on the beautiful Sardinia.

“We were working with spreadsheets but they were so big that it was difficult to oversee the business or make a single reservation.”

“Our goal is to grow, without losing either our identity or our smile”, according to Partner and General Manager Giovanni Lamieri. The business has been expanding fast over the years. “From the beginning many business activities were managed separately and this led to an incredible waste of time to keep things going. We were working with spreadsheets but they were so big that it was difficult to oversee the business or to make a single reservation. We were probably spending half of our days on administrative tasks like calling other offices to check where the bikes were, creating invoices, collecting payment details and registering maintenance on a piece of paper etc.”

Attention to detail is in the heart of our business. We aim to deliver the highest customer service possible to our guests as well as strive to have our business processes work as seamlessly as possible. So, we started looking at software to help manage our business more efficiently to be able to keep up with our standards for growing number of guests. Lot of the rental software were too generic and didn’t cover the specific aspects of our business, for example didn’t allow us to use size of bikes.

Bike Rental Manager was able to offer us a software that was specific and responsive to our needs. Different areas of our business have now efficient way to manage the reservations, payments, invoicing and maintenance and we get a great overview of the whole business on top of that. The tasks that took us half of our days, now only take minutes to do. Our philosophy is “By combining dreams and quality of services, by paying attention to detail, giving priority to safety and establishing only the best relationships with our guests we’ve created a business with soul, a business where guests go home with a smile and return again as friends”. With the help of BRM we are able to grow the business, keep the high standards and still have a smile on our face.

“Big bonus of BRM was that we were able to save big money on bike maintenance.”

We used to track bike maintenance on a piece of paper and try to keep track of what maintenance had been done to a bike. Now we can schedule the bike maintenance according to actual bike usage and have full visual view of all maintenance tasks. And most importantly, keep our guests safe!

“We’ve started to notice that what we call ‘Routine checks’ – a number of operations, starting from bike cleaning, that must be performed and recorded in the software – and the ability for us to see from BRM that these actions were effectively been made, has made a real difference. For example, a clean chain and clean sprockets are way more durable. Bike cleaning, when done well, shows the customer you care for your bikes. We find the customer takes better care of the bike too. If you multiply this on a 20 bike-fleet, maybe it’s not so relevant, but on a 300 bike fleet it means big money savings”

Canyon bikes Sardinia Cycling

Sardinia Cycling is a Canyon Official Partner and offer a very wide selection of Canyon road and mountain bikes. More and more customers are reserving the top end bikes so attention to detail and bike maintenance is very high on the agenda.

“We have only just started our journey as a business and we could say that Sardinia Cycling is like our child that has reached teenage years and is dreaming of becoming a future cycling champion.”

BRM is dedicated to make that path as smooth as possible for Sardinia Cycling.

“We don’t know how our business would work without BRM now”

Sardinia Cycling tour on Sardinia
Giovanni Lamieri & The Team
Partner and General Manager
Sardinia Cycling, Italy
Sardinia Cycling Team

Your rental business has a unique set of challenges. BRM is the only dedicated bike rental software and will be able to offer you a solution to match your needs.