bike rental manager - bike demo days

The Power of bike demos in 5 Steps

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Why you need to partner with cycling shows and organise bike demo days

Pivot Cycles and Manager

Bike demo days, and test ride fuel your marketing funnel.


Leading brands, such as Canyon or Scott Sports, understand that building awareness and fostering consideration requires more than just an online presence.

Here’s why:

bike rental manager - bike demo days

Unforgettable bike demos Impressions

Shows and bike demos provide a unique opportunity for cyclists to experience your bikes firsthand. Your brand will create impressions beyond online product descriptions and images by offering test rides and demonstrations.

Touch and Feel

Cycling enthusiasts value the tactile experience of a bike. Being able to touch, feel, and ride a bike allows potential customers to assess the quality, comfort, and performance before purchasing. This hands-on experience enhances the customer’s connection with your brand.

Expert Guidance

Brand’s partnerships with test ride shops ensure that customers receive expert guidance and support during the evaluation process. Cyclists can seek advice, ask questions, and receive personalised recommendations, helping them make informed choices that align with their cycling goals.

Building Trust

Commit to engaging with the cycling community by actively participating in shows and demo days. Your brand’s physical presence builds trust, as potential customers can engage directly with your representatives and fellow riders, fostering a sense of authenticity and reliability.

Amplifying Word-of-Mouth

Positive experiences at shows and demo days often lead to enthusiastic word-of-mouth referrals (guilty). Cyclists who test-ride your bikes share their experience, spreading their excitement and recommendations within their networks, further expanding your brand’s reach. Manager makes your bike demos sessions more efficient 
Pivot Cycles and Manager

In a digital era, investment in offline experiences proves invaluable. By offering opportunities for cyclists to engage with your bikes, seek guidance, and create memorable connections, you will nurture awareness and consideration, building a strong foundation of trust and loyalty that leads to sales.


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