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- Bike rental Manager
- Bike rental Manager

Integrates with all your favourite tools

Manage your entire e-bike rental operation in one place Manager (BRM) system handles everything from booking through to waivers. Making it easy for you and your team to operate. 


From pricing flexibility to inventory control and item tracking, our bike rental management software puts you in command. Set prices by minute, hour, or more. Manage all assets effortlessly, from bikes to accessories. Keep tabs on rentals and say goodbye to lost items.


Elevate your bike rental business with BRM

- Bike rental Manager

See inventory all the way down to individual e-bikes Manager provide information on specific ebikes, not just general categories. So you always have a clear picture of what bikes are ready to go. It is the easiest way to manage your bike shop inventory.


Empower your ebike rental business with our ebike rental software’s inventory management prowess. Take full control of your ebikes, helmets, accessories, and more. Manage ebike rentals with ease. Seamlessly edit details, descriptions, and images. Monitor item status effortlessly. React swiftly to shop changes with bulk additions and updates. Manager – your inventory’s best friend

Take e-bike bookings 24/7 Manager online booking is proven to deliver more sales.

A clean, easy to use page makes it easier than ever for customers to rent your ebikes.


Bid farewell to payment hassles. Our ebike rental software simplifies the process. Accept instant or deferred full or partial payments. Utilize discount codes to attract more customers.

Secure reservations with deposits. Effortlessly reconcile end-of-day transactions. Protect your business with security deposits and stored credit card details. Go paperless with document uploads. Enjoy seamless integration with Stripe for top-notch security.


Manage your ebike fleeet with Manager

- Bike rental Manager
- Bike rental Manager

Putting safety first

Integrated ebike maintenance to keep your customers safe. Control and track your maintenance schedule efficiently. Sort according to usage to maximise your e-bike rentals. You are able to make sure the e-bikes are ready and safe to use for the next customer.

Get Maintenance prep lists daily, and set how often you need to maintain your bikes with our custom Service Points system.

Our bike rental management software frees up your staff with 24/7 online bookings for repairs and service packages. Accept payments seamlessly and gain a visual overview of bookings. Configure bookings at your convenience. Stay organized with centralized maintenance records and barcode scanning.

Work smarter with Manager

- Bike rental Manager

Add Tours & Activities

Easily rent your ebikes for Events and sell your Tours from one place. Let staff book your events, tours and bikes straight in the system.


Easily set up events and sell tours, whilst maintaining your rental availability. Let staff book events, tours and bikes straight in the same system.

Our online booking widget drives 24/7 bookings, boosting sales. Prioritize safety with integrated bike maintenance, ensuring your bikes are always ready and safe for the next customer. Simplify your business with Bike Rental Manager.


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Mountain Climb

A great introduction for the novice climber. We will take a route of ~60km with a mix of roads and gravel trails.

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Trail Ride

A fun, easy ride for beginner cyclists. We take you on a fun route beginning and ending at the bike shop.

from £35

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Ready for the e-bike revolution

E-bikes are set to grow by 13% each year until 2026. Get your fleet ready by signing up to Manager today.



The increasing popularity of electric bikes (e-bikes) and the trend of e-bike adventure activities have contributed to the growth of cycling tourism. Tour operators are discovering the appeal of e-bike activities, which customers are increasingly requesting. This trend is part of a broader shift towards outdoor recreational activities and sustainable travel, further boosting the cycling tourism market​​.

Integrates with all your favourites tools

even more features

Providing you with all the tools you need to grow your business


Collect your customer’s delivery information, charge for the service and then organise which van will drop off & pick up the bikes. All within a simple module.


Set up online payments, take booking deposits and if the worst happens and a bike is broken directly charge the customer card.


Automate your customer communication with our notifications tab. Clear communication throughout the rental process so everyone is on the same page.

Multi-site management

Whether you have 1, 5 or 100 sites BRM has the capacity to support your business with additional locations.

Barcode scanning

Speed up your check-in with Bluetooth scanners linked directly to your bikes and reservations. Plus free up your workshop with handsfree service recording.


BRM supports online booking in 16 different languages so your customers can book with ease. You can also translate your waiver into any of these languages as well.

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