How real world insights are shaping bike rent manager's future

How real world insights are shaping bike rent manager’s future

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Learning from the Ground: Insights from bike rent manager shop visits

In the ever-evolving world of bike rentals, staying connected with the experiences of those who use the system daily is invaluable. At Manager (BRM), our software should meet bike rental businesses’ needs and exceed their expectations. That’s why we’ve prioritised visiting our customers, listening to their feedback, and learning from their expertise. In this blog post, we’ll share some key takeaways from recent shop visits that have shed light on how we can continue to improve and enhance our bike rental management platform.

How real world insights are shaping bike rent manager's future

Communication Is Key

One of the most important lessons we’ve learned from our shop visits is that effective communication is an ongoing process. Just because we’ve introduced a new feature or published knowledge base articles about it doesn’t mean that every user is aware of it or understands how to utilise it to its fullest potential.

Jordan, RoW sales rep, emphasised the importance of continual communication and check-ins with customers by saying, “Ensuring clients harness the system’s capabilities to the maximum is crucial. When we visited Cycling UK, which manages 27 locations and over 1,000 bikes, it was amazing to see how they used the system and listen to their feedback. For the first time, I saw our webhooks feature being used to its fullest extent, exporting all their data in real time and making it work for them in Microsoft Dynamics. This was awesome to see.” 

How real world insights are shaping bike rent manager's future

Learning from Other Industries

At BRM, we’ve always focused on the core promise of our product, which revolves around maintenance, scheduling and tracking, and point-of-sale functionalities. However, customers’ feedback encouraged us to consider additional stages within our core, such as further improving bike preparation processes, including steps like “needs cleaning”, and enabling post-rental feedback to mechanics.

Doug, BRM CEO and founder, reflected, “BRM can learn from other industries. We pride ourselves on understanding our industry – bikes. But we can still learn from other sectors that may be further along the maturity curve. It’s about providing managers with real-time insights into issues and areas requiring immediate attention.”

We have a core promise about our product:  bike rental in the context of 3 essential items. Maintenance, scheduling & tracking, point of sale. This is fundamental to what we do, and we offer a whole range of extra stuff on top, like customization, waivers, kiosks, etc. But we can still do better even with our core. Like additional stages for prepping bikes, ‘needs clean’, post rental feedback to mechanics.”

How real world insights are shaping bike rent manager's future

The Value of On-Site Observation

There’s simply no substitute for being on-site and observing firsthand how users interact with BRM daily. It’s a chance to see the sequence in which tasks are performed and how staff members engage with customers. These insights are, in a word, priceless.

Pedro, BRM Marketing specialist, said, “By directly engaging with customers, I’ve gained valuable insights into their needs, preferences, pain points, and behaviours. This firsthand knowledge has proven invaluable in refining a marketing strategy that positions BRM as an industry authority. This company has redefined bike rentals over the past 14 years, and we plan to continue doing so.”

How real world insights are shaping bike rent manager's future

Shop Visits Reinforce Our Mission

In conclusion, our shop visits have reinforced our commitment to providing the best possible bike rental management platform. We understand that true innovation comes from listening to our customers, continually improving communication, and learning from other industries. These visits are about improving our software and ensuring that bike rental businesses worldwide can thrive with bike rent manager as their trusted partner.

At Manager, we’re not just building software; we’re building relationships and fostering an environment of continuous improvement. 

Our customers’ invaluable insights and experiences allow us to take each step forward together.

How real world insights are shaping bike rent manager's future

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