Importance Of Becoming A Certified Bike Rental Business

Importance Of Becoming A Certified Bike Rental Business

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Starting a bike rental business is growing in popularity as more and more people look for alternative forms of transportation. Owning a rental bike business can be an incredibly rewarding experience and a great way to make money. However, to be a successful bike rental business, becoming certified in the tools you use is essential. 

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of becoming a certified bike rental business and how to make the process straightforward.

What is the BRM Certification Program?

The Manager Certification Program is a way for people to showcase their skills as a professional in the bike rental industry. BRM’s program promotes best practices and how you can use its platform to manage a bike rental business. It is a great way to show potential employers that you are a knowledgeable and skilled professional.

If you have used the system for at least 6 months and want to advance your career, getting certified through the BRM Certification Program is a great way to show that your business has the adequate skills to use the platform and help to run the company successfully.

Get certified and reap the benefits

A certification is the only way to demonstrate to an employer that you completely understand how to use a bike rental software program. As the competition for jobs becomes increasingly fierce, it has become more important than ever to be able to differentiate yourself from the crowd. 

If you have a BRM certification under your belt, this will indicate to potential employers that you have a thorough understanding of their business and the platforms they use so that you will be able to hit the ground running right away. A certification like this is designed to give you an edge over your competitors in the job market.

Publish your certificate online

Why not share your BRM certificate with the world? Once you have completed the test, you will be invited to the BRM certification hub, where you will receive your digital certificate. After you have obtained your certificate, you can add it to your Linkedin profile, CV, job boards, or any other social media platform that you choose.

Certification levels to showcase your skills

To demonstrate your skill set, you can choose from two levels of BRM certification.

Certified BRM User

  • Make a back office booking
  • Check a bike’s real-time availability
  • Search for reservations
  • Check a customer in and out
  • Add a customer and manage their details
  • Record rider feedback on a bike
  • Collect an electronic signature on waivers
  • Add a safety check
  • Process in-store and online payments

Certified BRM Manager – Coming Soon

  • Make purchasing decisions regarding rental fleet
  • Setup a fleet in the rental software
  • Configure online booking offering
  • Export data (clients, reservations, transactions)
  • Assess the profitability of different bikes & seasons
  • Reconcile payments end of day

Getting certified is easy!

Step 1: Be a BRM user for six months

As a first step towards becoming certified, you must have been a user of the BRM system for at least six months before you apply. 

Step 2: Pass the quiz

Once you have used the platform for six months, it will then be possible for you to complete the test. A member of our team will verify that you are using the system correctly and send you your certificate once the verification is complete. It’s that simple!

Cycling is a great way to stay physically fit, reduce carbon emissions, and enjoy outdoor activities. As the popularity of cycling increases, so do the opportunities for people to enter the bike rental business. To become a successful part of a bike rental business, it is important to become certified in using the industry platforms such as the BRM software, so you have the best possible chance of landing your dream job.

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