Make your rentals easier with these powerful integrations
Stripe for bike rental manager integration
PayPal for Bike Rental Manager
Mailchimp for Bike Rental Manager
Slack for Bike Rental Manager

No fixed costs

Get paid

Make emailing easy

Work from anywhere

Stripe for bike rental manager integration

Online payment processing to power your rentals

  • You can use it for free for your deposits as you are not actually processing any transactions.
  • Stripe has no fixed costs: no sign up or monthly fee.
  • We are Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant

Stripe provides two massive features for BRM users:

  1. an alternative payment gateway for online bookings. It is seamlessly integrated with BRM online reservatiions.
  2. a secure credit card vault for handling reservation deposits and security deposits. What is a credit card vault? it is a means of holding credit card information, when people book online. You don’t charge anything but have their credit card details if you would need to charge them for not turning up etc depending on our booking conditions. When they come in-store they pay using your in-store chip and pin machine.over it.

Stripe is a secure service and they have been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1.

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Use MailChimp for your email marketing to engage with your customers

  • FREE to use
  • Super EASY
  • Professional styling for awesome looking emails
  • Keeps your emails out of Spam Box
  • Track that they have opened your email
  • Use on your website to sign up customers for your newsletter

Find out more in our support pages…

Mailchimp for Bike Rental Manager
paypal integrates with BRM

Use one of the largest online payment processors in the world

  • Secure and trustworthy worldwide
  • Most people already have a PayPal account and feel confident using it
  • Cheaper than bank services

Read more in our support pages.

Using any payment provider

You can use any payment provider with BRM. Just get the people booking online to leave their credit card details (using free Stripe service) i.e. 0% deposit for online booking. Then take the payment in-store with your preferred payment processor.

Get your rentals on your mobile phone with Slack instant messaging

  • Get alerts about key events to your phone (and/or desktop)
    • new reservations
    • rentals OUT, rentals IN
  • This is particularly helpful for folks wanting to run a very ‘hands off’ rental operation: some examples…
    • rental bikes in a hotel lobby
    • demo bikes in a retail-focused context
    • anyone wanting a very low-touch rental service, alongside busy retail for example


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Slack for Bike Rental Manager