Seamless Rental and Point-of-Sale System

The integration of BRM and Citrus-Lime enhances customer experience by streamlining the sales process, combining Rental, Retail, and Repair services, and facilitating seamless data sharing
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Simplify Payments

Manage all your transactions, both retail and rental, through this integration with Citrus-Lime. This allows for seamless online bookings and secure credit card storage on BRM, with smooth payment processing.

Designed for bike shops

Complete your reservation using BRM and proceed with payment through Citrus-Lime. The POS can be the hub of all transactions and revenue reporting for your company.

Shared customer data

The shared customer data feature eliminates redundant data entry, streamlining the transaction process and improving overall customer experience. This integration facilitates the exchange of necessary information between the two applications as needed.

Just some of our clients using BRM with Citrus-Lime

The reason we choose BRM is because it is an easy party to work with. They listen to our wishes, help us where possible and we work together towards success!
The integration between Citrus-Lime and BRM makes our lives a lot easier.

Roy Hulsteijn, Specialized Europe

What is Citrus-Lime?

  • Citrus-Lime offers simple tools and clear strategies to help independent retailers maintain control of their business and progress forward​.
  • It provides a Cloud POS system that is essential for managing real-time stock positions and is specifically designed for independent retailers to enhance profitability and growth​.
  • The software integrates with BRM for a multi-channel retail experience, offering time-saving tools that allow businesses to thrive.
A female cashier in a coffee shop processes a mobile payment using a POS system, demonstrating seamless digital transactions facilitated by the best bike rental software. The software's user interface is visible on the screen, showing a streamlined, green-themed layout that enhances operational efficiency and customer experience in service settings.
Inside a bustling bike shop, a detailed view of a computer screen displaying Bike.Rent Manager, the best bike rental software, being used for transaction management. The software interface, shown on a large monitor, features sections for reservations and customer information, highlighted with clear, user-friendly navigation tabs. In the background, an employee interacts with biking equipment, illustrating the software's role in facilitating efficient day-to-day operations in bike retail environments.

Why Citrus-Lime?

  • Citrus-Lime’s Cloud POS and Ecommerce solutions ensure that a shop’s products are available to customers anytime, enhancing sales opportunities and providing a seamless shopping experience​.
  • The platform includes AutoSIM, a retail solution that automatically activates fully optimized product pages on a website, saving time and maximizing sales margins​​.
  • Citrus-Lime aids in reducing discounting and supports sustainable growth for retailers​​.
  • The solution enables retailers to control costs and optimize efficiency, which is crucial in a competitive retail environment​.