Introducing A global network of bike rental shops

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A brand new platform that allows consumers to connect with bike rental shops around the world through a single platform. 


After raising over £750,000 in capital for the venture, we’ll be using our 10 years of experience in the SaaS world to launch our very own of the bike rental industry. creates a smooth and integrated bike rental experience from a single application by combining the rental fleets of over 650 bike retailers in the network.

Previously, riders had to search various websites to select and rent a bike of their choice. This new innovative technology eliminates this time-consuming procedure by allowing consumers to access over 650 bike stores from a single location. outlets use the robust BRM ( proprietary software) to manage all of their bookings. 


Cyclists can now search, select, and book third-party rentals in real time.


As a result of this unique expansion to Manager

With this new feature, riders will be able to see how many bikes a shop has in stock, as well as when they are available to rent, making renting a bike easier than ever before.

Users may refine their search by area, date, bike type, bike store, and individual bike availability, thanks to the advanced search capability. Customers can have confidence in which bike they are selecting and that it will be prepared and available on time, due to the multilayered search strategy and the live data stream to the back office of bike stores.

Doug Stoddart, CEO of Manager, commented on the launch


“We are thrilled with the launch of the platform, which allows us to serve the needs of cyclists directly. aims to increase the choice and confidence of users in what they book when they rent a bike. Through our industry-leading Manager platform, we work with hundreds of bike shops where we run their bike rental fleet management software. This gives us access to exactly how many bikes each shop has, the type of rental bike, and when they are available.

Our platform, for the first time, combines this technology to provide a searchable and bookable system for cyclists. With over 40,000 bikes across 27 countries, cyclists can search the database to find the perfect bike for them. No longer do they have to find a store online before making a booking by phone, email or online, instead, they can simply use our site.

But this is really just the beginning – we plan to add thousands of stores over the coming months and years. In fact, we are calling on our growing community of cyclists and store owners to help us grow this community. As we build out the population of stores, we will be adding powerful new functionality to benefit both the cyclist and bike store.”

If you would like more information about our new platform or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Visit today, and discover more.

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