Inventory and fleet management

Take full control of your fleet and run it at full potential

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Pricing Your Items

The power of pricing in your hands. Flexible, controllable and powerful.

Choose to rent by minute, hour, day, week, month or season. You control exactly how your items are priced and rented

BRM will automatically calculate the value of each rental, pulling information for multiple items together in one place

Set up price groups, so you do not need to input pricing for each item.

Set custom pricing per rental, apply discount codes and even take a security deposit.


Manage Inventory

Have clear control over your inventory

Manage all your assets in BRM: bikes, helmets, pads, trailers... We also support non-bike rental for ski, watersports, and healthcare

Easily add and edit your inventory details, descriptions and images

Easily track your items with the help of our status options, so you always know what's happening

Bulk add and update your inventory allowing you to quickly react to changes in your shop.



No more lost items

Always know who has which item

Keep track of exactly who has borrowed accessories, such as helmets or locks

Detailed log of when customers are due to return to the shop

Accurately charge for any damaged or lost items