Access a fully integrated bike rental management system with a click of a button from your Lightspeed POS and save 50% on the time you spend on rental admin.

Get More Bookings

Let customers book your bikes online and self service themselves 24/7 – free up your phones.

Say Goodbye To Spreadsheets

Take your rentals to the 21st Century with visual overview to make reservations and changes with a click of a button.

Fast And Reliable

Make a reservation and take a payment in 30 seconds!

Free Up Your Staff

Automated rental workflow and customer confirmations to speed up your rentals.

Safe And Secure

Securely managed in the Cloud. All data and documents accessible from anywhere, anytime. No more lost paperwork.

All Rental Channels In One Place

Live availability for online bookings, walk-in, phone, email, rental platforms, agents etc. Track all individual bikes in BRM.

Lightspeed - Bike rental manager integration

BRM will handle all your rental tasks so

you can concentrate on the things you enjoy!

 “I can finally stop pulling my hair out!  BRM has allowed me to take all the information I used to juggle around in my old calendars, spreadsheet (and brain…argh!) and feed it into a very powerful tool that lets me focus on providing a great service to my rental customers. Now that BRM is integrated with Lightspeed Retail, revenue is streamlined with our retail bike store. Many thanks to the BRM team!!”  

James Keezer

Bateman’s Bicycle company


See how easy it is to use BRM from your lightspeed POS!
BRM and lightspeed (online) can talk to each other.  This means you can do really cool stuff;

  • like start a retail sale, add in a rental, then complete the transaction in lightspeed.
  • OR you can be managing a rental and wanting to add a payment.  The integration will take you right into Lightspeed to complete the transaction
  • add customers on the fly from BRM to Lightspeed
  • process all your rentals through lightspeed – which means you only have to reconcile in one place. (and you get all the power of BRM for managing your rentals)

How does it work?

you simply place a button in your lightspeed installation which points to BRM.
it will look something like this:

Lightspeed - Bike rental manager integration
Bike rental manager scheduling software

then when you press the button (i.e. when you’re processing a sale in lightspeed) it will fire up a BRM window in the same browser tab:

you simply make the reservation in BRM (you have several different workflow alternatives depending on your business) then when you complete the reservation (or rental ticket) you will be automatically returned to lightspeed, with your rental line item added to your current sale:


You can easily turn your own website into online reservations engine with real-time availability with BRM. Avoid all the pitfalls of old fashioned online systems, like creating more work for yourself.