Online customer booking page

BRM’s online bike rental customer booking page simplifies
the reservation process for your customers

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Top 4 benefits for your business

Faster and smoother transactions
for your customers with BRM’s online
bike rental customer booking page

Online payments integration

Speed up rentals and collect payment at the time of booking

Reduce admin time

Let the booking page take the bookings so your team can assist those customers in front of you

Website integration

BRM's online bike rental booking page is compatible with any website and can be linked to social media

Collect customer data

Know the size, height, weight or your rider before they come into the store

Top 4 benefits for your customers

Intuitive, easy-to-use online customer booking page

Peace of mind

An intuitive booking experience tailored to their preferences ensures a ride just right for them

Real-time information

Stay updated with live availability and instant booking confirmations, enhancing their planning experience

Security assurance

They can rest easy knowing their chosen bike will be ready and waiting as BRM only works with trusted suppliers

Global accessibility

With multi-language support, customers from around the world can book with ease and confidence

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CBP demo Manager (BRM) offers a comprehensive solution for bike rental businesses, aiming to streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost revenue. It provides a range of features, including online bookings, payment processing, inventory management, maintenance scheduling, and customer data collection. The bike rental management software reduces administrative work, integrates seamlessly with websites and social media, and offers customers real-time information and security assurances. BRM supports multi-language online bookings, making it accessible to a global customer base.

BRM's customer booking page FEATURES
Automated reservations

Say goodbye to manual errors in bike allocations

Online booking widget

24/7 booking for services, tours, events, and bike rentals

Device compatibility

Customer booking page optmized for all devices for greater accessibility

Mobile optimized

Written for mobile first

Live availability

Real-time bike availability that is synched with BRM's back office

Multi-lingual support

Book in 17 languages
(and counting)

Booking synchronization

Keep waivers linked with customer bookings

Customer login

Guest mode & Account mode are available at the same time

Automated notifications

Stay in sync with your customers throughout the rental process

Payment integrations

Plug and play with your existing tech solutions to supercharge your workflow

Customizable data capture

Tailor the customer data you collect

Customer centric UX

Modern look and feel