Online Rental Waiver
Collect digital signatures with built-in online Waivers

Our online bike rental waiver software is designed for bike rentals, ski rentals and tours. Bike Rental Manager is an all-in-one paperless rental system that will help to reduce time spent on paperwork, but instead you can offer your customers a fast and simple system to collect digital signatures with built-in online waivers. For more information about these and other great features, refer to the information below or us our contact form.

Free up your time

Use your time for more important things. Let BRM sort out your paperwork for you.

  • No more collecting, storing or looking for paper waivers.

Go Paperless

Piles of paper will be a thing of the past when you use online waiver.

  • No more missed signatures, BRM will prompt them.
  • No more lost paperwork.
  • Always available, anytime, anywhere.

Take your rentals into the 21st Century

Don’t be left behind. Move with the times and upgrade your rentals easily.

  • Impress your customers with digital signatures.
  • Make your bike rentals stand out.

Digital Waivers designed for bike rentals, ski rentals and tours.
Make your rentals easier with custom built online wavers for your rentals.
  • Tablet and Mobile Phone friendly

    Let your customers sign waivers on the device of their or your choice. Desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

  • Synchronised with your rental bookings

    Waivers will be stored in your booking details. They will always be available.

  • Flexible Data Capture

    Choose what data you want to capture from your customers. Collect what you need.

  • Digital Waiver Kiosk

    Use the Kiosk Mode in your shop to let customers sign waivers before picking their gear out. Just click their booking details and ask for signature.

BRM is an all-in-one paperless rental system, powering rentals in over 20 countries. Rent More. Work Less.
Check how we can help you to take your rentals to the next level. Choose type of rental that suits your business best.

FAQs about bike rental waivers

Q: What is an bike rental waiver?

A: The Bike Rental Manager online bike rental waiver is a contractual agreement that removes liability for one party in the agreement. With bike rentals, and other types of businesses, this means that the customer assumes all risks and waives their right to sue.

Q: What does a bike rental waiver software tool allow you to do?

A: Using our bike rental waiver software, you can create digital forms and liability waivers that clients can access and sign online, using most devices.

Q: Is it easy to create and share liability waivers with Bike Rental Manager online waiver software?

A: Yes, our system is a simple, all-in-one, paperless system, which is powering rentals in over 20 countries. The Bike Rental Manager system can be adapted to multiple rental types and is fully customisable.

Visit our FAQs page for more questions and answers about bike rental waivers and other aspects of the Bike Rental Manager software.