bike rental management software system
Need a little more customisation than the base system?
BRM comes with powerful optional extras for business requiring more power in certain areas.

Do you operate across multiple locations?

BRM can support running multiple locations from within the same store.

Or you can run multiple versions of BRM of course (with a discount for multi-licence purchase)

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GBAL - Generic Book, Allocate Later
If you run a very busy shop you may need this.  Just in time allocation.
Do you have ‘piles’ of bikes that are essentially the same?

don’t want to be tied down to reserving a specific bike until the last minute?

then you may need GBAL

Events / Tours / Activities

Do you  run tours / activities / events?

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Why our customers choose us

“I run three bike rental stations connecting routes between Canterbury Whitstable and Herne Bay here in Kent. This is now the second season I’ve been using BikeShop Manager and I now rely on the software for all bookings. The software is simple to use and extremely versatile in application. I can book bikes out at all three destinations, logging in the times and rental dates and the system provides the prices and collates the information so that bikes cannot be double-booked and are ready to be re-booked as soon as they become available again.

The system has revolutionised my operation and dispensed with a vast amount of paperwork: I can now simply print off an invoice, straight from the system and hand it to the customer as they hire the bikes out. The system is extremely user-friendly. I recently out-sourced my telephone bookings and the operatives picked up the system immediately and, to date, there have been no problems or mistakes – allowing me to provide an extremely efficient and professional front to all new customers. The beauty of this is: the software is accessible online, which means we can all see the same reservations in real-time.

The system has grown and improved over the last two years. There are now linked-in video tutorials to explain every facet of the software. There is now a simple ‘battery’ graphic to show when a bike is in need of a service (the battery changes colour gradually as the bikes are repeatedly hired out), the bikes can then be logged as ‘serviced’ once the service is carried out and the battery returns to it’s original colour. This, in turn, provides a perfect service history for each bike for insurance purposes, should the need ever arise.”

Bernard Wright

Kent Cycle Hire


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