Point of Rental POS
Gain more control over every transaction. Works on any web based device: Mac, Desktop and iPad.
  • Payments and Discounts

    Stop chasing payments and let BRM do it for you.

    • Take instant full or partial payment at the time of booking or at a later stage.
    • Choose payment method: cash, cheque or credit card with your existing gateway. Choice is yours!
    • Accept online payments with Stripe. It has no fixed costs and is free to use for deposits. Read more here.
    • Take a reservation deposit, customers are more likely to turn up.
    • Take a security deposit in case bike gets damaged or is stolen.
    • Clear view of what part of reservation has been paid, fully paid or do you need to charge the rest.
    • Record payment within BRM or use external POS like Lightspeed.
    • Pricing automatically calculated for your bookings. You can override any price at check-out.
    • Set your sales tax so you invoice customers correctly.
    • Use discounts and let online customers use discount codes to attract more business.
  • Invoices, contracts, waivers and disclaimers

    Automate and let BRM generate them on your behalf.

    • Customize and make them look like your brand.
    • Email or print them from BRM to a thermal printer or A4. So you both know what has been agreed.
    • Add your own Terms & Conditions.
    • Set your sales tax so it shows correctly on invoices.
    • Go paperless with digital signatures and have them automatically saved in the booking. No more lost paperwork.
  • Delivery Management

    Use Delivery Scheduling to manage your deliveries effortlessly.

    • Record delivery information for each reservation.
    • Charge correct delivery price.
    • Print out delivery list to take with you.
    • Use barcode scanning to speed up your deliveries.
    • Track your bikes through the delivery lifecycle: Planned, Picked, Loaded, On-Road, Returned.
    • Choose when to allocate bikes. When they are booked or handed over or anything in between.
  • End of Day Reconciliations

    Make the time consuming end of the day reconciliations a breeze with a click of the button.

    • All transactions automatically saved in BRM, no need to write them down from your rental tickets.
    • Payments broken down by payment method for chosen duration.
    • Reconcile with a click of the button, easy!
  • Security

    All your work is securely stored and backed-up electronically in the Cloud, so it can be restored easily.

    • BRM works on google App Engine so data is stored in Cloud, it is 99.9% of time online and backed up well.
    • BRM also takes a snapshot of your data every day of your next day rentals.
    • Go paperless with BRM and have no more damaged or lost documents.
    • BRM integrates with Stripe and they have been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1.
  • Online bookings

    Increase your rentals with BRM online booking engine, capture the online market.

    • Availability checked against your live inventory, no more double bookings.
    • Accept mobile bookings, over 30% of online bookings are made using mobile phone.
    • Always available, anytime, anywhere 24/7 – never lose a booking again!
    • Upsell your add-ons and extras easily.
    • Let your customers self-service themselves with user friendly bookings.
    • Transform your website into a booking engine easily.
    • Fully customizable – make it look like your own brand!
    • Read the full feature list here.
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