Product Update April 2020: Super fast BRM 2.0 is out, bike repair and service bookings, create reservation in seconds…


It has been testing time during Covid-19 pandemic and we hope you are all well and safe!

We have been very busy, more so than usual, with product updates and the roll out of the super speedy BRM2.0. To make sure you are using all the latest features, you can keep up-to-date with all improvements and updates directly from the app or with the \”What\’s New\” feature. All the announcements are made there as soon as they are released. Here is a summary of the major updates for you.

Here you can check all the updates for Bike Rental Manager.


Take bike repair and service bookings in BRM

Here’s what’s new/improved:

  • Online bookings and easier management of your repairs and servicing.

Why you’re going to love this:

  • Get more business by offering online bookings for your customers, you choose the type, price and duration.

Check it our here.

Create reservations in seconds

Here’s what’s new/improved:

  • Create mode and power panels to create reservations in seconds.

Why you’re going to love this:

  • Spend less time on creating those bookings.

Read more here.

New and easier inventory management

Here’s what’s new/improved:

  • The new inventory2.0 management has arrived with all new features.

Why you’re going to love this:

  • Makes it super fast and easy for you to add and manage your inventory with an interactive table.

Read more and watch videos here.

Drag & drop item in reservation

Here’s what’s new/improved:

  • If you need to change an item in a current reservation, you can easily browse available inventory and then drag and drop it in.

Why you’re going to love this:

  • Makes it super fast to change items in current reservations.

You can read the support article here.

Email the reservation and waiver to your customer

Here’s what’s new/improved:

  • For your phone reservations, you can now easily email the reservation and waiver. They are still automatically sent for your online bookings.

Why you’re going to love this:

  • Use email templates to make communication super easy. Also useful for reservations that are amended.

Find out how to set it up here.

Easier management of your tours, events and activites

Here’s what’s new/improved:

  • New inventory type TEA for your virtual products.

Why you’re going to love this:

  • Makes it is easier to manage your tours, events and activities, like shuttle bus tickets.

More about this feature here.

Make your post-rental email look great

Here’s what’s new/improved:

  • You can now easily edit how your email will look like.

Why you’re going to love this:

  • Make your communication part of your brand with your fonts, colours and formatting.

Check it out here.

Send notifications to your customers in their own language

Here’s what’s new/improved:

  • Choose any language for your customer notifications.

Why you’re going to love this:

  • Make your customers feel loved with notifications in their own language.

Check how to use it here.

Allocate items from reservation list panel

Here’s what’s new/improved:

  • If you are using the allocate later mode, you can allocate your bikes now from the reservation list panel.

Why you’re going to love this:

  • Makes it super easy to allocate your available bikes with a click of a button.

Check how it works here.

Need to check who did what and when?

Here’s what’s new/improved:

  • There is an in-built audit trail in BRM now with username and timestamp.

Why you’re going to love this:

  • Check who did what and when, for reservations, inventory etc.

Check here what is looks like.

Add your online channels

Here’s what’s new/improved:

  • You can add multiple online channels in BRM.

Why you’re going to love this:

  • Use it for different seasonal offerings like bikes=summer, skis=winter, your multiple locations or affiliate business partners.

Find out more here.

Adjust your price per item

Here’s what’s new/improved:

  • You can change the price of any of your items after they have been priced automatically.

Why you’re going to love this:

  • Easily adjust the price for any item if you want to give a discount or a reduction in price for any reason.

Find out how to do it here.

Live availability for all multi-locations

Here’s what’s new/improved:

  • Customers can see live availability in online booking for any of your locations.

Why you’re going to love this:

  • All your bookings will have available bikes, without the need to move them around.

Read more here.

What\’s New – Check here for all the latest updates!

Stay well and safe!

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