Use BRM busines intelligence to make informed decisions.
  • Monthly Graphs

    Have your monthly financial report automatically crunched for you by BRM. Save valuable management time with the right data to make good business decisions.

  • Inventory Report

    Make your inventory management more efficient. Use barcode scanner and get a report in seconds.

  • Build your own reports

    Customize your own reports easily. They can be exported for further analysis and sent to your accountant.

  • Rental and Profit reports

    Check your business profitability instantly with real-time data and how much profit each bike is making.

  • Customer reports

    Use the centralised customer data for marketing anytime or export and print the customer list.

  • Customer analytics

    Use google analytics to find out where your customers that use BRM online booking come from, their age and gender, if they are new or returning customers etc.