Rentals Scheduling Software
Automate your rental tasks as much as you want so you can spend more time where it matters most!

With the Bike Rentals Manager scheduling and tracking software you can automate all your rental tasks and manage all of your bookings in one place, whether that’s walk-in bookings, phone, email, or online. Enjoy live availability checking and asset tracking using our visual overview tool so you can identify gaps in bookings. Find out more about how to enhance your tracking and scheduling software using the information below or use our contact form.

  • Reservations and rental tickets

    Save time and have all the information needed for your rental in one place, no more lost information or time spent looking for it.

    • Use for all of your bookings, walk-in, phone, email, online, agents etc.
    • Express Mode available to save you time.
    • Proceed your rentals with a click of a button: payment received, checked-out etc.
    • Comprehensive Search functions.
    • Swap, change and cancel with a click of a button.
    • Record and store notes by reservation and by asset. Like change of bike, pedals, travel details etc.
    • Reservation type icons available for easy visualisation.
    • Learn more about extensive features in our Knowledge Base.
  • Dashboard

    Real-time to check what stage your rentals are in. Anywhere, anytime on any device.

    • How many bikes are out.
    • How many reservations have you got, when do they start.
    • How many bikes need maintenance.
    • What does your inventory look like.
  • Scheduling Software

    Clear overview with calendar based management to schedule your bikes.

    • A visual overview will show you any gaps in bookings to be filled.
    • Book and change with a click of a button.
    • Ability to book same asset multiple times each day.
    • Create “buffer” to allow “turn around time”
  • Allocation

    Fully automated and customizable to your needs.

    • Allocate at any rental stage. Booking, picking up etc.
    • Allocate by category, type, model etc.
    • Choose if you want online customers to book individual bikes, model etc.
  • Barcode scanning

    Speed up your rentals. Cut the queue right down.

    • Create reservations automatically by scanning the bike. No need to type it in manually.
    • Choose pre-booked reservations from your device, scan the bike and hand it over. Super easy!
    • Let customers register themselves while they wait and create reservation barcode to check their bikes out.
    • Always have the correct bike on the reservation. No more mistakes.
    • Makes it easy for your mechanic to enter service entries that are instantly updated in the system for everybody to see. You can see the full service history and can book the bike as soon as mechanic has scanned it back.
    • Read more in our Knowledge Base
  • Tracking

    Get full control of your assets.

    • Is the bike paid for?
    • Is bike ready for rental?
    • Has bike been checked in?
    • When does the bike need maintenance? etc.
  • Live Availability check

    No more double bookings as you don’t need to keep reserve stock.

    • Instantly see which bikes are available.
    • You can only book bikes that are available.
    • Check and change availability with a click of a button.
    • If you rent online, you can reserve stock for walk-in customers.
  • Visual Planner

    Keep clear overview of your rentals.

    • Quickly check in and out.
    • Drag and drop to swap bikes.
    • Fast search for customers and reservations.
    • Reservation types visible in your planner, easily see which bookings are walk-in, deliveries, online etc.
    • Choose what you want to see and how you want to see it.
  • High Volume Rentals EVO Mode

    Impress your customers with Elevated Volume Operations (EVO). For shops that do loads or rentals each day with customers lined up.

    • Inbuilt workflow to remind you of all tasks. No more missing information.
    • Self registration on tablets, to cut the queue down and get details for each in the group.
    • Express mode for creating the rental ticket and allocate bike when picked up.
    • Digital waivers so you have all details in the reservation.
    • Barcode scanning to make your rentals super fast. Scan rental ticket, scan bike, hand bike out.
    • Tracking of bikes. Know who has got which bikes so you can charge correct customer if bike is damaged or stolen.
    • Read more in our Knowledge Base.