Shuttle Booking App for online bookings
Free Up Your Time And Let Your Customers Book A Shuttle Seat Online 24/7

Take Online Payments

Take online payments or reservation fee with Stripe or PayPal.

Live Online Availability

Your customers will be able to see available seats – no more double bookings.

Mobile App

Make it easy for your customers to book seats from anywhere.

Shuttle Booking App Evolution

Easily Add To Your Own Website

You can easily add the online booking to your own or third party website. Customize the online booking with your logo, colors, font and text.

Automate Your Bookings

Choose to automate with email confirmations and ask for any information in online booking.

Shopping Cart

Let your customer add shuttle seat to the same cart as the bike rental or any other items – upsell easily.

Vouchers and Coupons

Let your customer use coupons or vouchers at the checkout – promote your business.

Third Party Bookings

Sell more seats – add link to online bookings from Facebook, TripAdvisor or any third party

Cloud Based

Securely managed in the Cloud. All data and documents accessible from anywhere, anytime. No more lost paperwork

Flexible Pricing Rules

You can choose how you want to price any of the services you offer.

If you are already using Bike Rental Manager software, you can set the Shuttle Booking App up with these instructions.