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Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for your bike rentals

If you use PayPal or don’t take payment or are not an EU business, then you need take no further action.

If you use Stripe and are an EU business, then read on. As you may have heard, on Sept 14th EU businesses are expected to start implementing SCA. But the rollout of this legislation is chaotic to say the least.

14 EU countries have announced delays so far. Read here to see the situation in your country.

Here at BRM we have just finished all the changes to be SCA compliant and it has been a lot of work. We don’t think that our customers will see any change in card authorisations in the early days.

BACK OFFICE card / payment entry using Stripe

We do need to bring to your attention that it looks likely this will heavily impact card saving in the back office using Stripe Vault.

  • you will no longer be able to swipe cards using a reader.
  • if the card requires further authentication you may not be able to save it

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