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Summer Must-Have Bike Accessories For Your Bike Rental Business

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The team at Bike Rental Manager have carefully curated a list of the best bike accessories we’ve come across to suit every type of cyclist, from the everyday commuter to the avid off-roader!

Bike rental

When buying specialist products to bolster their overall experience, consumers often already have an idea of what they are looking for and what problem they are trying to solve. To help them find a solution, we have taken the weight off your shoulders by doing all the leg work for you! Each of these bike gadgets serves a purpose and fullfills a specific need. Find our list of recommended products below and get prepared for the summer, when every man and his bike are out! We’ve got something for everyone and for every budget.


The benefits of upselling bike gadgets with bike rental manager


Bike rentals personalisation 

Upselling your customer with recommended products that you believe will solve their problem or fulfilling a need that their current bike isn’t fulfilling, provides an element of personalisation to the buying process. This also communicates to the consumer that you’re listening to their concerns and responding with an appropriate solution.

Boost customer retention

Personalising the customer’s experience provides added value and helps to solidify a positive opinion and trust in your brand, encouraging these customers to return and build a relationship with the company. Encouraging brand loyalty prevents clients from straying to other businesses because they can relate to your brand and they believe your company understands and values them as a customer.

Providing the customer with a ‘one-stop shop’ solution administers an all-encompassing experience, cementing the brand as an expert in the field whilst increasing the exposure of products that may otherwise have never been discovered. This also communicates that the brand is a centralised and convenient place that provides everything the client may need.

Increase revenue with bike rental manager

An effective upselling and ‘bundling’ strategy will encourage your customers to buy more in a single transaction. If you apply this strategy to the bulk of your customers, where appropriate of course, this could result in your revenues and profits skyrocketing!

Bike rental

Our Recommended Cycling Gadgets To Boost Revenue In Your Bike rental Shop


Garmin Edge Series

Garmin has created a series of GPS trackers that boast fantastic features including navigation, metrics for training and connective components that allows the user to access smart notifications, location sharing and weather forecasts. These trackers range from the Edge 130 at the retail price of £150 to the Edge 1030 Plus at £520, with the innovations becoming more impressive and specialist with each new model. These GPS trackers provide a wealth of information at the user’s fingertips, all without taking their hands off the handlebars. The perfect accessory for cyclists who enjoy riding for training purposes and competitions or those who enjoy beating their personal best targets.

Smart Cycle Commuter Helmet

This helmet really has it all, with a sleek ergonomic design and a host of smart cycling gadget elements, such as built-in brake warning lights, speakers, fall detection, SOS, call answering and much more! Having won a number of awards, including the ‘Tech for a Better World’ Award in 2018 at CES, this helmet has been recognised and rewarded for its ingenious technology, safety features and multitude of benefits, perfect for the everyday commuter.

Hiplok Locks

When it comes to bike locks, security is paramount regardless of the bike’s price. The last thing anyone wants is to return to their bike with the frame perfectly intact, but with a missing wheel or two! That is why we hold this lock in such high esteem. This Sold Secure Gold-rated lock comes with a cable that passes through both of the bike’s wheels as well as securing the bike’s frame to a stand, vastly reducing the risk of theft and providing maximum security. This lock gained the name, the Hiplok, due to its unique and lightweight clip design, enabling the lock to hook onto the waistband, bag strap, pocket or belt of the cyclist. A brilliant and necessary accessory for those who keep their bike locked up for long periods of time.


The perfect backpack for business professionals who need to keep their suit pressed and crease-free for the boardroom. Featuring a folding assistant, a high-vis cover that protects from dirt and an anti-microbial laundry bag to keep the compartments fresh, this waterproof case really does provide everything a ‘suited and booted’ commuter should need. More than just a handheld wardrobe, this case also provides multiple compartments and organisers for stationary, important documents and a laptop.

Lights Set

Another favourite of ours, these Pixel lights can be attached to anything from a helmet or a backpack to any part of a bike, making them the perfect versatile cycling gadget. Built with spectacular technology, the brake light can detect when a cyclist is slowing down and will intensify in its brightness accurately alerting other road users. During the daytime, the brake light can be set to flashing to achieve maximum visibility on the road.

Bike Pump

If you’re looking for a small, lightweight and compact bike pump that can fit in a jacket pocket, then you’ve found it! As well as its useful condensed nature, this bike pump supplies the user with convenience, mobility and ease of use providing excellent valve holding and air sealing capability for both Presta or Schrader valves, with no loss of air between each pump.

Bike Bell

Command attention on the road without taking up large amounts of space on the handlebars with the Knog Oi bell. With a sleek and minimal design, the body can be matched to the bike’s frame and there’s even space for cabling underneath! Coming in two sizes and four finishes, this barely-there bell sings with several pitched tones, ensuring that it’s definitely heard amongst even the noisiest of traffic.

Respro City Mask

A must-have for those living and commuting to and from large cities, the Respro City Mask provides cyclists with protection against harmful and toxic dusts, odours and emissions. The mask filters these whilst also providing maximum comfort through the integration of exhalation valves that expel vapour, heat and carbon dioxide. Made from neoprene and featuring a sealed design, the mask is also comfortable on the skin.

Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves

A brilliant cycling gadget for any on-road cyclist, especially in high traffic areas, Zackees have created these turn signal gloves that ensure drivers in every weather condition are alerted to the signaling of a cyclist. This allows them to slow down in good time and prevent potentially fatal accidents.

Kinesis Fend Off-Road Bike Mudguards

Made of aluminum, these front and rear mudguards are considerably more rigid than your average plastic guards and are much quieter too. Fitted with a plastic cap at each end of the guard, they also prevent tyres from being punctured and the cyclist from being scratched should an accident happen. Covering almost half the wheel, they provide a significant level of protection from mud splatting.

Men’s Society Bike Riders Essentials Kit

This cleverly packaged kit for Men’s Society provides every biker with the essentials. Filled with everything one should need in a biking emergency, from a waterproof poncho to a chafing remedy for those longer rides. This pack is a brilliant add-on or gift for the avid cyclist, ensuring they are prepared for any eventuality.

How Can Bike Rental Manager Help You?

At Bike Rental Manager, we understand that oftentimes bike gadgets are treated as a secondary consideration and can be left by the wayside, gathering dust. That is why it is so important to engage and upsell the customer whilst they are ‘gearing themselves up’ with all the necessities. Should you wish to purchase any of these products for your own store, each of these brands has a UK distributor that you can either buy from directly, via Amazon Marketplace or by signing up for a trade account.

If you’re looking to expand your rentals, free up your time and decrease your admin and maintenance costs by 50% then we have the perfect software for you . An all-in-one solution, Bike Rental Manager enables you to manage your online bookings, current rental cycles and profits with ease, complete with powerful reporting to build, customise and display the metrics you’re most interested in. For more information on our services get in touch with a member of our friendly team today. Alternatively, you can email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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