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Bike Rental Manager (BRM) is like the Swiss Army knife of bike rental software - BRM customer testimonial

"BRM is like the Swiss Army knife of bike rental software"

“BRM has enabled us to transition online, significantly expanding our customer reach. This is especially beneficial for tourists who are unfamiliar with the area and are visiting on holiday.”

Musette Bike exceptional service and a warm community atmosphere

" Manager is 100% focused on bike rentals"​

Musette Bike’s commitment remains steadfast – to provide top-notch bike rentals, exceptional service, and a warm community atmosphere with the support of BRM

SCOTT Experience Tour events with Manager

The all-in-one solution to manage SCOTT's test fleet and streamline the customer journey

“ Manager developed a tailor-made package to suit SCOTT requirements and delivered multiple, personalized onboarding sessions to ensure the team was well-equipped and confident in rolling out the system in a real-world setting.” Manager help Cycling UK deliver the Making cycling e-asier campaign

Managing skills and confidence sessions across England with Cycling UK Manager allows us to offer Making cycling e-asier beneficiaries a simple and straightforward booking system, which enables everyone, including those who aren’t tech-savvy to sign up to the scheme

testimonials logo (1) Manager has significantly improved our rental delivery

We chose BRM primarily for its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface.

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Life just got easier, and the rides got better!

We have streamlined our operations to deliver an unforgettable experience to riders.
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I was looking for 6 years without feeling completely satisfied Manager made online bookings so much more manageable vs our previous software
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Highly recommended! Manager has increased our sales through the seamless integration of our website
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We run one of the largest hire fleets in Europe Manager handles all in one integrated system
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BRM has been the single best decision I’ve ever made. It’s that efficient!

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We’ve been using it for a year now, and it has improved our efficiency greatly

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