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“We run one of the largest hire fleets in Europe, with over 700 hire bikes available across 4 centres. For a number of years we had been searching for software that would manage this part of our business, as it is an area that can traditionally absorb a lot of management time. In the absence of any existing software we had put together a makeshift solution involving modifying a Point of Sale (POS) system, handwritten diaries and paper-based maintenance logs. It was both time consuming and error prone. We were particularly frustrated at the beginning of the season when we had to input all our new fleet details.
Bike Rental Manager handles all of the above in one integrated system. Inputting the fleet now takes a matter of minutes rather than many painstaking hours. Double-bookings are impossible, and the system keeps track of all usage on each bike. This not only means we can schedule maintenance efficiently according to actual bike usage, but at the end of the year we can see exactly how many rentals each bike has fulfilled. The system also performs the POS function; booking bikes, taking customer details, and printing invoices automatically. Also integrated into the system is a service log for each bike.
We have found the product works extremely well, even on busy weekends, and we are confident the developers will continue to evolve and refine the product to meet our future needs.”
Paul Archer
Rutland Cycling, UK
“Best software for bike rentals! First of all, the service is fantastic and fast! The software never fails. Every need a bike rental has is featured.”
Kerstin Klier
54/11 Bike Holiday, Spain
“BRM has taken what was a menial and time consuming task and streamlined it into a simple and flexible platform that puts convenience at your fingertips and time back on the clock. Their software is easy to learn and has helped push my rental business to the next level. It’s allowed me to easily integrate the choices both my clients and I need directly through my site and thus the power in the hands of the consumer. For rental businesses such as mine BRM has been the single best decision I’ve ever made. It’s that efficient! Not only is the platform user friendly but the service behind it is second to none. BRM has always been both quick and thorough with their responses to any of my inquiries and issues. They listen and adapt. You can’t ask for more than that! BRM is Paris Bike Co’s solution and should be yours too. Thanks BRM!!!”
Samuel Weaver
Paris Bike Company, France
“We’re a small shop but do a big rental business. We really needed a comprehensive system that was within our price range, and BRM was the answer. We’ve been using it for a year now and it has improved our efficiency greatly, plus the Online Booking Wizard has reduced our workload tremendously.
I was going to give only 4 stars for ease of use, but I have to say that simplicity hinders flexibility; something this powerful will take a bit of time to master, yet my staff was using the system successfully within 1-2 days. And the customer support deserves 6 stars, so my review would average out to 5 stars anyway. Make that 6-1/2 because value deserves 6 stars as well. My compliments to Doug and his team, despite the difference in time zones, we always get quick answers to our questions, and their on-line Knowledge Base is very comprehensive.”
Jeff Montague
Wine Country Cyclery, USA
wine country cyclery
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“BRM is simple and easy to use and is the efficient way of managing your bike rental system. I have found that for a small rental company out in the pacific, it makes monitoring and managing inventory hassle free and the customer service and technical assistance is beautiful – screenshot your problem with an email to them and they respond instantly.
Thank you BRM!”
Grace Cagilaba
Bula Bikes, Fiji